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What?! You want to be a mom and sexy? - I have a condition that keeps me from dieting. It is called being hungry! Yeah, I don't do that.    I like every other mom and woman out there wants to loose weight and be that sexy little thing my husband married. It is so hard! I think I have finally found something that really helps! It is a really simple concept one as old as the rocks but none the less I found a way that helped me keep track and thus stay on top of my calorie counting a little better!
    My method involves an excel spreadsheet. I am new at this HTML coding stuff, but if you click on the Excel Icon that says Weight Loss it will take you to the Excel Spreadsheet. Then go to the top of that page and click on Edit Work Book. Then Click "Edit in Excel" if you have Excel on your computer. If you don't have Excel then choose the option "Edit Excel in Web App." Then you can put in your numbers and get your results. Also below is a picture of detailed description on how to put in amounts to get desired results on the excel spreadsheet.
    In its basic form I am doing a low calorie diet. You are looking to have a negative calorie total at the end of the day . The top row is where you put the total calories burned. Go to this website to calculate your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you'd burn without exercising at all) -My Fitness Pal. Creating an account is free and this site is the greatest tool I have found for low calorie dieting. Anyhow go to that site. Go under the My Home Tab, then click on settings, then click on update diet/fitness profile. Put in your information but on the last question when it asks "what is your goal" put in "Maintain My Current Weight," then click update profile. You will go back later and change this option to loose 1 lb or 2 lbs a week. But for now this will get you what  you would burn through out the day with your usual daily activities without any extra exercising.
    Take that total and add any calories you burn during the day through exercise then put it in the top line where my picture shows -2436.00. Make sure to put it in as a negative number. EXAMPLE - My Resting Metabolic Rate is 2175 plus I burned 261 calories jogging so that equals 2436 then put it in as a negative number.
     Then in the second line put the amount of calories you in took through food. You can calculate that through my favorite of websites My Fitness Pal - Calorie Counting Site. You can also use my fitness pal and this site Burned Calorie Calculator to calculate how many calories you burned through exercise.
     Once these numbers are placed the 3rd row will automatically calculate how many net calories you've burned for that day! -3500 calories equals 1 lb lost. My goal has been to be negative 1,050 calories each day which is 0.3 lbs. That is a total of 2.1 lbs a week.  The area in the tan will automatically calculate the percentage of lbs you have lost also so you can keep track of it.
You can click on this picture to get a better look at it:)

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