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5 Tips for Getting Baby to Sleep

    Just recently our son started really struggling to take naps and at bedtime it was now taking him an hour to
fall asleep! What happened to our little man who feel asleep within 10 minutes of laying him down every single time?
    Well, originally I thought it had everything to do with the fact that he had just learned to pull up in his crib. I still think that has something to do with it, but tonight I realized that we had grown so accustomed to his excellent sleeping skills that we had begun to take advantage of it.
We had started getting in the bad habit of taking him straight from playtime to bedtime with little or no wind down time. I know your thinking wow how could you be so dumb? But we truly had been spoiled with a little man that would go to sleep under even these circumstances. So, we've realized some important truths and I would like to share them with you.
   White Noise:
One of our greatest discoveries was white noise. We had an old sound machine that made waterfall noises and it works like a charm. It stays on all night so it is there when he goes to bed and it is still there if he wakes up in the middle of the night. Little ones find this very comforting.
   Bedtime Routine:
A bedtime routine should wind a child down in activities and lighting in the room as they progress. They can involve cuddling, warm bath, book reading etc. These activities should end in the bedroom if possible. Maybe end with reading a bedtime story in their room with the lights down low and the white noise already playing.
A blankie, or small soft toy or what I use is after we finish with bedtime rituals I take my shirt that I've been wearing all evening and give it to him. I've heard that some moms take a small lovey or small stuffed toy and put it in their bra so when they give it to their little one it smells like them.
If your baby is still young enough definitely try swaddling. It truly is a miracle worker. If they are breaking out of the swaddling blankets you have try Halo swaddling sleep sacks. They truly are the best on the market and I was able to use them on my son till he was 5 months old. You can get them pretty cheap on
   More Naps:
Babies need more sleep to sleep more. Trying to keep them up during the day or late into the evening is a big mistake. Try making sure you do everything possible to get them to nap depending on their age 2-3 times a day. Rock them, soothe them, feed them just get them to take those naps. A lot of times babies are just so exhausted they are literally beside themselves and can't sleep come bedtime. We were making the mistake of putting our son down at 9 pm at night when he was 5 months old. We changed that bedtime to 7:30 and guess what he went to sleep! Poor thing was just so tired come 9 o'clock he couldn't stand it!
   DON'T DO:
If you are still having problems after doing all the above make sure that your child isn't using something to fall asleep that when they wake up in the middle of the night isn't there anymore. For example the pacifier is the biggest for being guilty of this. This was the case for our son. He would fall asleep with the pacifier then wake up without it and want it back! We ended up getting rid of the pacifier altogether at 5 months. I know it sounds crazy but it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Other things might be musical soothers that only play for set periods of time or maybe they are falling asleep while eating their last meal every night and that is the only way they know to fall asleep.
I hope this helps you and your little ones : ) - Decides to Sleep through the Night instead of waking at 10 pm to nurse as usual. Wakes as soon as you give up and go to bed at 12 am.

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