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Baby Land One Size Pocket Diaper Review

BabyLand cloth diapers can be bought on ebay in an auction or buy it now. 99% of them will be coming from China, but they are so cheap! They usually run about 3-4 dollars with free shipping! These diapers are one size and they are pocket diapers.

The video below is just a visual review of these diapers because it was done just after owning them for one day. After owning these diapers for 3 or so weeks my conclusion was that they work well enough for the price. I probably won't buy anymore because I prefer to spend 5-7 dollars on KaWaii pocket diapers and the KaWaii have hip snaps. They also have significantly better quality. If you need super cheap back up diapers the BabyLand will work for that job but if you can I would get KaWaii diapers instead:) 
The Picture Below is the BabyLand diaper at its largest setting and at its smallest setting. The add I bought mine from on Ebay said that it would fit babies 6.6 lbs to 33 lbs ( yeah I know what's with the 6.6 thing? Why not just 6 or 7? Oh well, LOL!)
 This is the pocket opening to the BabyLand diaper
As shown below the insider liner to the pocket is not hemmed. I do not know if this will cause problems in the future or not. As soon as I get a chance I'm going to go ahead and hem it myself. It will take only a couple minutes and if it helps the diaper last longer I'm good with that!
 Full view of the inside of the diaper
 It's only a 4 dollar diaper so you can see strings hanging loose in different places.
While hemming the pocket I may reinforce some of these areas with a few stitches of my own.
 One big thing I noticed that is hard to see in the picture below but there are different liners inside these 2 BabyLand diapers. I got both these diapers from the same person and they are supposed to be the same but the blue one's inside lining is half the thickness of the lining in the red one. You can actually see through the lining in the blue diaper. I have no idea how to predict or prevent getting a BabyLand with a thinner liner in the future so that is a downside. But even the thinner one is from what I can tell visually a good deal for 4 dollars. The thicker lined red diaper is just a better deal.
In the picture below the thicker lined red diaper is laying on top of the thinner lined blue diaper.

This link will take you to another video review I did on the BabyLand Diaper

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