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Baby Proofing the Bathroom

So, our little one just recently became mobile and it is a whole new level of baby proofing! One of the surprising things we had to baby proof was the bathroom. I knew we would have to move chemicals and things like that to a safe place but I wasn't expecting a couple of other things that came up.
Trash Can:
One of the first unexpected things was the bathroom trash can. I realized my little guy was fascinated with it. Of course some things can't be baby proofed and those things are items he is learning are a no no. But buying a small can with a lid and foot pedal made me feel a little better about the safety of my bathroom. If you can try and get a nicer trash can then I did. Get the ones that have the removable inner bucket so you don't have to use a bag or can tuck the bag on the inside of the can. This way you won't have to worry about them getting a hold of small pieces of the plastic bag. Mine is pictured below this post and does not have that feature. Here is a link to one on Amazon that DOES have the removable inner bucket.
Plunger and Toilet Bowl Brush:
Wow I definitely hadn't considered this dilemma. Just thinking of my newly mobile son getting a hold of either of these items horrified me to the core. Now most people can just close them in a closet but unfortunately my closet has a curtain not a door so I bought this plunger and toilet brush pictured below. I got them off of Amazon sold by superior performance and they are completely enclosed! A little more hygienic :-) YEAH! Here is a link to the add on Amazon for the plunger/toilet brush caddie pictured below this post. (It also comes in blue if you want:)
Shower Curtain:
This actually hasn't been too much of a problem for us but one fix might be to just hang it on the inside of the tub instead of the outside. At first I was worried about him pulling it down on top of himself but like I said not really a problem yet. Yet being the key word :-) If it does become a problem and putting it on the inside of the tub doesn't work out it may just have to be one of those no no items.
Water to play in...I mean toilet:
My little man has not yet discovered the art of lifting the lid and playing in the toilet. I pray to goodness that is a while to come. One thing I have found online to help if this is a problem or becomes an issue is a toilet lid latch. It is really neat! Here is a link to one I found on Amazon. I can't really tell you if any certain one is better then the other but this one got 4 1/2 star rating with 229 reviews on amazon. Babies R Us also sells these toilet locks. They have two different types. Here is a link to Babies R Us website.
Any dangerous chemical or choking hazard of course needs to be way above reach and secure so it won't fall into reach. Remember your little one is just going to get taller so plan ahead when you baby proof. Maybe instead of going up one shelf go up two :-)

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