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CIO Journey 2 - Standing in Crib instead of Sleeping - I slept like a baby - Yeah, that does not mean what you think it means.    There are two main Cry It Out or CIO methods, Ferber vs. Weissbluth. We started doing CIO when our son was 5 months old. At that time I knew the Weissbluth method was the way we were going to have to go.
    Weissbluth's method also known as extinction or no peek involves you laying down your child for bed saying good night and I love you then
not going back in till morning or for younger babies a nightly feeding or two. If you want to read my more in depth post on how we started CIO go to this link To Cry It Out or Not.
    Ferber's method also called controlled crying or check and console involves a more gradual approach.
The plan being that you go in every few minutes at first to console and pat on the back without taking them out of the crib. Then gradually space these visits out till your child falls asleep. This sounds all well and good but some children only grow more hysterical at the sight of mommy or daddy. Our son was very much this way and we would have extended the crying for much longer had we tried this. If you would like a more in depth description on these two methods and how to implement them follow this link to troublesome tots article called The Ferber vs. Weissbluth Method.
  The thing is everybody's baby is different and you know them best and that is the beauty of it. You are going to do what is best for them. No matter what anyone else tells you. Only you know.
Our Story - Baby Stands Against Sleep
  Anyhow our son just recently came down with a cold and he learned to stand in his didn't see this coming down the pipe line. He now stands in his crib instead of sleeping! Crying, grumbling, cooing, and moaning in turn. The longest so far that he has done this was 45 minutes to an hour. But needless to say in the beginning I didn't know for sure if he could get back down on his own and when I walked in to check on him he was standing, with his head leaning on the crib railing...break mommy's heart time.
    So, I decided to try Ferber out. Our son had already been trained through Weissbluth's method to know that when it is bedtime mommy and daddy are serious and you don't get out of it. With this knowledge maybe I would be able to go in every 15 to 20 minutes lay him down, pat him on the bottom and it be ok.
    It worked! Every once in a while he would end up more upset then before I had gone in but usually I was able to lay him back down and given him his blankie then leave without too much trouble. Just a short week later I now am supremely confident that he can get up and down on his own so I rarely go in there. He still stands instead of sleeping but he plays, entertains himself with the soft musical monkey hanging from his crib railing and eventually an hour or so later falls asleep.
    We have been able to teach our now 9 month old we are serious about bedtime and through that have been given greater liberty in soothing him without interruption of said bedtime because of it. I know this is just a phase and with his new mobility the world and consequently his crib is just so much more interesting then it used to be. But by being flexible and adjusting to our son's needs we are working things out. We look forward to the next 18 years well just face it the next rest of our lives...working things out for the betterment of our children!
P.S I had the nicest lady ask me a question on Google Plus. She asked questions with kindness and concern. Her questions were good ones and I wanted to add my answers to this post. She asked about parents who do CIO and train themselves to sleep through their babies crying instead of training baby to sleep through the night.
Below is my answer to her questions : )
"Oh, I understand your questions and they don't bother me at all. First that is the nicest way I have every heard someone voice there concerns ever in regards to CIO. I truly appreciate that more then you will probably ever know.
  Anyhow to your questions. I sleep with a baby monitor with the volume on high next to my bed so if he cries I know for sure. My greatest fear is for my baby to cry and I not know it. If he cries for more then a couple minutes I get up and stand by his door or sit on the sofa near his room and wait. Every time. After the initial CIO I can now change things up and go in his room after 20 minutes and tuck him back in pat him on the back then exit and within 30-40 minutes he will have gone back to sleep. I hope he knows I was there because I did check on him. And I know his hysterical I'm scared mommy cry and the grumbling I don't want to be in bed cry. But I always get up for either so I know.
CIO like anything can be done right and wrong. It is just an option so often it is made into this horror and people forgive the saying throw the baby out with the bath water. It is just an option and yes like anything can be abused and done wrong.  I hate for that to mean that moms who can do it right should be told not to do it.
Originally yes I did have to do the complete extinction method because going in would have made my son more mad and prolonged things. But he knows how to fall asleep now and I can go into sooth him if I need now that this is the case. CIO is just a stepping stone.
 So Sorry to make this so long. If I didn't answer something completely feel free to reply. I appreciate your kindness with your questions! "

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