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Cloth Diapering on a Budget - Comparison of BabyLand, Econobum and KaWaii Cloth Diapers

   Key One to Cloth Diapering on a Budget - One Size Diapers. All
three of the diapers I've listed KaWaii, BabyLand and Econobum have One Size diapers. One Size (OS) usually will be good for 8-35 lbs! Thus saving are incurred.
   Key Two to Cloth Diapering on a Budget - Diaper Covers over pocket diapers, All in Ones (AIO) or All in twos (AI2). A diaper cover like the Econobum can be used over multiple changes if you don't have a messy diaper because you can change out the inserts and reuse the cover
Where a pocket diaper or the others I listed will need to be changed after each wet diaper change. The exception is the AI2 diapers. You can reuse the AI2 shell by adding a new insert. But you can not reuse the AI2 shell nearly as often as you can a diaper cover. AI2 shells have a liner which is a little harder to wipe clean and reuse.
On the other hand KaWaii Pocket Diapers are so cheap that they make using pocket diapers affordable! YEAH! Below is my comparison of these more affordable diaper options.
Affordable Diapers:
    I recently bought the KaWaii pocket diapers and BabyLand pocket diapers. If you want to read my review on the KaWaii follow this link or follow this link for my BabyLand Review.
I bought 5 different types of KaWaii diapers and as far as I know the only type of BabyLand diaper they offer. I also own the Econobum which is a diaper cover that cost about 10-11 dollars a piece, the KaWaii cost about 6-8 dollars a piece and the BabyLand cost 2-6 dollars a piece. Yes, I said 2 dollars. If you go on Ebay and do auction style adds you can pull out 2-3 dollars with shipping included. It is unbelievable. Some comparisons to start off the KaWaii ship out of Canada and most of the BabyLand diapers ship out of China. So, if you are impatient like me the KaWaii will get to you sooner. The KaWaii are a lot better quality and have a waterproof band on the inside of the diaper that helps keep moisture from wicking to babies clothing while sleeping on belly. The Babyland diapers are very poor quality as can be expected for 3 dollars. I strongly suggest if you are on a very tight budget to get One Size Pocket Diaper by KaWaii which sells for 5.24 plus shipping or the Ultra Soft Cross Over Diaper which sells for 6.99 plus shipping instead of buying BabyLand.
     I have been using my Econobum diaper covers for 7 months and I love them. If you want to see my review on them follow this link. I have been using the KaWaii diapers for about 2 months and my favorite is the Goodnight Heavy Wetter diaper. It cost 7.75 plus shipping and comes with 2 nice very large microfiber inserts. I also really like the OS Heavy Duty HD2 with Suede Cloth liner. It has Velcro closure, comes with 2 large inserts and costs 6.99.

Average Price
 Shipped From
Diaper Cover
Pocket Diaper
Pocket Diaper
  * For more detailed information on quality follow the links in the post above for individual reviews on each diaper.

Summary: The KaWaii so far are wonderful and becoming a favorite for me. As I have them longer I will update these posts with the information I find : ) The BabyLand are definitely lower quality but you can get them for 3 dollars! So, if you need a a back up diaper for little to nothing this may be the route you need to go. I'm not sure how long they will last so if you can I definitely suggest for a cheap but quality diaper stash go the KaWaii and Econobum diaper direction.
Other Low Cost Diapers:
    I also found Lovely Pocket Diaper and you can read my review on them if you follow this link. There is also the SunBaby Diapers and they are quite cheap but they no longer make their One Size 3.0 diapers so, that didn't work for me. Also the sunbaby website requires you buy their diapers in packs of 6 or more. I also found Bububibi Diapers and I think I would still like to try them out eventually. They are really cheap and have soft minky covered diaper options : )
   I placed a video below of my comparison between the KaWaii and BabyLand hope all this helps you!

Below is the Econobum Diaper Cover and Insert
BabyLand Pocket Diaper at the largest and smallest setting
Inside of BabyLand pocket diaper  
The pictures below are of my favorite KaWaii diaper the OS Heavy Duty HD2
and the two microfiber inserts that come with it (Cost 6.99)

 Below is the HD2 at the smallest setting
 Below is the HD2 at the largest setting
Below is the Ultra Soft Cross-Over Squared Tab KaWaii Pocket Diaper.
This is the largest setting (Cost 6.99)
 This is the smallest setting
Below is the Goodnight Heavy Wetter KaWaii Pocket Diaper (Cost 7.75) - How to make a baby poop: Step 1. Start washing a load of cloth diapers. Step 2. Wait one minute.


  1. I love this! It helped me find some less expensive cloth diapers that would allow me to actually be able to cloth diaper!

    1. I'm so glad! I know starting up a diaper stash can seem so impossibly expensive. We found making cheaper diapers the bulk of our stash worked really well. Then as our son has grown we have added a couple more expensive diapers here and there to our collection:)LOL like for Mothers Day I requested a cloth diaper! It was what I really wanted too!


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