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Econobum Diaper Cover Review

This is my review of the Econobum Diaper Cover and inserts. I LOVE this diaper cover it is affordable at only 10-11 dollars a cover. It is well made and effective. I rarely get leaks! I use this diaper as my favorite over night diaper covers and it works well. I can pack it full of inserts and it gets my little guy through the night. I love the material the cover is made from its very stretchy which makes for a nice tight fit : )

Below is my video review of the Econobum diaper cover.
 Below is the prefold insert that comes with the Econobum Cover
 Below is the prefold inside the Econobum Diaper Cover
Below is another insert combo I use with the Econobum Cover. 
It is the Perfect Bum Trifold Insert and Perfect Bum Booster.
This is an option that makes the diaper less bulky but still very effective!
 Econobum Cover Empty

Affordable ($10 a cover with 1 insert)
Efficient at preventing leaks
Good overnight cover
Can hold bulky amounts of inserts (for longer coverage)
One Size (8-35 lbs)
Holds up to washing and drying well

Not Cute

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