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Kushies Ultra Diaper & Taffeta Wrap Review

Below is a video review I did on the Kushies Ultra Diaper which I liked a lot when my son was smaller
 but now that he has gotten bigger and is crawling I have found others that I like better. If you want to see my earlier video review on this diaper from when my son was smaller follow this link and fast forward to the 7:40 minute mark
I also do a review in the video below on the Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap which is horrible! The Velcro is not the same as what they use on the Ultra Diaper and the taffeta wrap does not stay attached well at all. The Kushies taffeta wrap also has a poor fit at least on my little guy. The video will cover the rest!

This is the Kushies Ultra AIO diaper. It comes in 3 sizes. Preemie for 2 to 4 lbs, Infant for 10 to 22 lbs and Toddler for 22-45 lbs. The diaper below is a size infant. I'm not sure why there is a gap from 5-9 lbs, but there is. The picture below is at its largest setting
 This picture is at its smallest setting
 Back of the diaper
 Inside with the sewn in soaker lying flat in diaper
 The picture below is the backside of sewn in soaker. The pocket I believe is to put in extra boosters. I do not have any Kushies inserts or extra soakers or boosters and none of my others will fit in this tiny pocket.

This is my Kushies Taffeta Wrap and I got tired of not being able to use it because the velcro was too weak! So, I used the KAM pliers and snap set I had bought off of Ebay and put snaps where the velcro was! It works great now! YEAH! It still isn't the greatest fitting diaper but at least its functional for the first time in its sad little life!! I will put up a how to video for the KAM pliers and snap as soon as I can:) There is nothing greater then personalizing your dipes for your child by being able to add snaps or replace broken or missing snaps! One big thumbs up for DIY!

 You can see in this picture were the velcro was already fraying...sad little diaper.

PROS for Kushies Ultra:
Velcro makes it a quick diaper to put on
Relatively affordable at $13 a diaper on Amazon 

CONS for Kushies Ultra:
Doesn't leak all the time, but more often then other diapers
Velcro will wear out before snaps would
One of mine has very tiny cracks in outer shell around stitches (Possibly from being put in drier)
Sizes go from Preemie 2-4 lbs to Infant 10-22 lbs to Toddler 22-45 lbs. Why is there a gap from 5-9 lbs?

PROS for Kushies Taffeta Wrap:
At least it can be fixed
CONS for Kushies Taffeta Wrap:
Everything Else

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