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Lots of Musical Crib Soother Reviews

One of my little guys favorite toys is his musical crib soother. I've gone through quite a few different kinds and here are some videos of the ones we've had and what we liked about them. I've placed the videos in order with my favorite at the top.

 Above is the Lamaze Discover the Sea Carousel Soother it is my favorite of all the soothers we've had and definitely gets #1 in my book. This is one of those nice toys that actually had babies and moms in mind. First of all it has a controllable timer that goes up to 40 minutes. I don't know about you but having to run in and turn the soother back on every 4-7 minutes was not working. Secondly this one has toys that crinkle when they are touched and my little one adores this feature. One downside I have found to this soother is that most soothers have a large, colorful button so the child can turn it on and off easily. Once this soother is on (in the timed mode) my son has no way to shut it off if he wants. At least not until he gets old enough to figure out the small switches on top. I still love this soother, but we keep it in the play mode where it only plays for a couple seconds anytime it is activated by touch. Anyhow the rest you will get from the video.

This is the Fisher Price Rainforest Peak a Boo Waterfall Soother. It is my second favorite soother. My guy loves the hypnotizing blue waterfall lights. It only plays for about 7 minutes but we had to keep this one he just likes it too much! I also love about this toy is that the motion mode is not noisy, many soothers the motion sounds like clacking and motors running. This is a very smooth and quiet soother.
This is the Fisher Price Day and Night Flutterbye Soother. I love this one because it actually projects colorful nature scenes on the ceiling in a certain mode and it also plays for 10 minutes before shutting off. My son loves looking at the ceiling and pointing out the birds, butterflies, bees, stars, sun and moon. 
This is the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Soother from 2007 by Mattel. It is a lot like the two below here which are also called "Ocean Wonders Aquarium." I'm thinking that maybe they discontinue one style and then redesign but keep the same name. Anyhow this one improves on the one below because it plays for longer which is very nice AND it has a handy dandy remote that can hang on a door knob so that you can turn it off or on without entering your babies room. 
Mode 1 (Music Only) - Plays for 24 min
Mode 2 (Music,Lights) - 24 1/2 min
Mode 3 (Music,Lights,Motion) -  25 min
This is one of the only soothers I have seen that the mode where there is motion is just as long (actually longer) then the mode with just music and lights. 
It plays 4 classical styled songs & 2 sound effects and has 3 modes of use:1 = Sounds, Lights and bubbles with fish swimming and other motions. 2 = Sounds & Lights. 3 = Sounds only.

This is also the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium from 2002 by Mattel. I like this soother a lot, but because it only plays for 5 minutes in the mode we use the most (bubbles & motion mode) it made it's way down to the bottom of the list. This soother has 3 modes: The first mode is music only and plays for a total length of 12 minutes (mine played for 12.5 to be exact. LOL.) The second mode is lights and music and plays for a length of 12 minutes. The third mode is bubbles, motion (fish move), lights and music and has the shortest play time of only 5 minutes.
This soother has the loudest volume of most the other soothers I have tested and it also has two external hands on mechanisms for kids which is nice for older tots. Overall this is a great soother and one of the cheaper ones to come by.

This soother is another Fisher Price Crib Soother that goes by the name Ocean Wonders Aquarium. This one is from 2005 by Mattel. It has a volume turn dial and a button to change through the songs or nature sounds. There are 5 songs and 2 nature sounds. One song starts off with bubble noises so it sounds like a nature sound but it turns into a song. There are 3 modes of play: Mode 1 is music only and it plays for 9 1/2 minutes. Mode 2 is music and lights and it plays for 12 1/2 minutes. Mode 3 is Music, lights and motion (There is a Seahorse with a baby, an octopus and 2 fish that swim around and around.) Mode 3 only plays for 5 1/2 minutes before shutting off automatically.
This is a really nice soother. Of all the other soothers I have owned and reviewed I love the song selections on this one the best! They are soothing, quite and very much like lullabies. They almost put me to sleep! The motion is very slow and calming. Nothing moves fast or loud on this soother.
Hope this helps you : )

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