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My Night Time Diaper Stash

I decided to make a list of the diapers I  have found that work well for overnight and the insert combinations I use in them. Hope it helps someone else out!! My only son is now a year old so as I find more combos that work for him I will add them!

LIST OF NIGHT TIME COMBOS I used with success for age 1 year and younger
First on the list is a brand of cloth diaper I acquired a little over a month ago and I have almost completely stopped using anything else at night. It is actually an assortment of KaWaii Pocket diapers. I LOVE THEM! I can stuff as little or as much inserts as I need to personalize the diaper to how long my son will be in it and they fit well and hold in a lot of mess! I am super impressed. Two of my favorite KaWaii diapers are the One Size Goodnight Heavy Wetter and the OS Heavy Duty HD2 with the Suede Cloth Inner. I really like the suede it is so soft and I love putting it on my babies bum! Here is a link to my full review on the KaWaii diapers.

Above is the Goodnight Heavy Wetter and 
Below is the HD2 with two KaWaii microfiber inserts (One option I use at night)
 This is the pocket opening with two microfiber inserts inside
 Another option I use at night inside the HD2 pocket diaper is the
 Econobum Prefold with a Perfect Bum Booster like shown below.
 This is a picture of the Econobum Prefold with the 
Perfect Bum Booster inside the HD2 Pocket Diaper
Second on the list is the Peachy Green Diaper Cover.  It has gussets and the peachy green inserts snap in. A feature I like because it helps keep everything in place : ) This diaper will hold all the inserts that I need to get my son through 11-12 hour nights :) Below is a picture of the inside of the diaper the snaps for the insert are under the back flap of the diaper. Here is a link to my video review of the Peachy Green Diapers.

 Below is my favorite combination of inserts to put in the Peachy Green Cover for night coverage. The prefold is an Econobum Insert laid out flat with the Peachy Green One Size insert laid in the middle.

 Then fold the econobum insert around the peachy green insert leaving the end with the snaps hanging out.
Then snap it in the Peachy Green Cover and that holds everything in place all night long : )
 Below is a picture of it all snapped in and ready to go : )

Third on the list is the Econobum diaper cover. It also has plenty of space for enough inserts to get my son through the night. They are cheap at about 10 dollars a cover and that usually includes one insert. They are a one size diaper so they will last through potty training.
Here is a link to my video review on the Econobum Diaper Cover.
 Below is the insert combo that I like to use in this diaper cover : )
The Econobum Insert laid out flat with 2 Perfect Bum Boosters in the middle. If your chid isn't a heavy wetter you probably can get away with just 1 Perfect Bum Booster.
 Fold the Econobum Insert around the Perfect Bum Boosters and lay them in the cover and it is ready to go!

For a smaller child using the Econobum Diaper Cover I suggest using the below inserts. The Perfect Bum Trifold Insert with 1 or 2 Perfect Bum Boosters. It will be a little less bulky on a smaller baby : ) An option completely viable for a small baby using the Econobum during the day for a less bulky look : )
 Fold the Perfect Bum Trifold around the Perfect Bum Boosters and lay in the diaper cover : )
 The Last one on my list for now is the Thirsties Duo All in One. This diaper comes in two sizes. Size one is for babies 6-18 lbs and size two is for babies 18-40 lbs. I have only one size two diaper but I love it. We have had it for a week now and I love it so much I can't decide whether to save it and use it at night or show it off during the day : ) Of course keeping in mind this is the nicest AIO diaper I have ever had so it does make me feel a little spoiled. Here is a link to my full review on the Thirsties Duo.

 All I do is insert 2 Perfect Bum Boosters in the pocket in the Thirsties Duo like shown below...
                                       And it is ready to go all night! : ) I hope this helps you!

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