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Ones & Twos AIO Diaper Review

This is a review on my Ones & Twos One Size Fits Most AIO diaper. I have had this diaper for about a month now. I really like the way it fits my son and it is so easy to use with the Velcro tabs. But there are some downside to it also.
Below is my video review of the Ones and Twos AIO

My main dislike is how very long it takes to dry. The soaker in this AIO is sewn into the diaper on 3 sides so airflow is bad and it has a hard time drying all the way through! I without fail have to run this diaper through a cycle in the drier then turn it inside out and do it again. I hate wasting that extra money running the drier so long and I can't even imagine how long it would take to dry outside hanging on the line! At the same time that I got this diaper I also got a Thirsties Duo AIO and it's soaker is only sewn into the diaper on 2 sides making a tunnel pocket for air to get through and dry easier.
The Ones & Twos AIO diaper is a One Size which is really nice. My son is 19 lbs and on the last button on the rise but had plenty of space to grow around the waist.
*The smallest setting on this diaper did indeed seem small. I know a lot of One Size diapers are just too big on tiny babies but if any of them have a chance to fit this one seemed too. I do not have a tiny one to try it out on right now so if you have any experience with that please leave a comment below. The website said it would fit 6.5 lbs to 39 lbs and most one size diapers don't claim to fit until 8 lbs so it would seem it will fit a smaller infant.
This diaper did really well for overnight. I stuck 2 perfect bum boosters underneath the sewn in soaker and it got my little guy through the night no problem. We haven't had any leaks out of it either.
Ones & Twos soakers just "lay in the diaper" or can be put in the pocket underneath the sewn in soaker according the their website. I did not get any soakers with mine so I can't comment on that aspect of the diaper. But usually if a diaper has a pocket for inserts you can use just about any inserts you already have.

Nice Fit
One Size 6.5 lbs to 39 lbs
Not too expensive for an AIO (around $17 a piece)
Velcro makes it a quick use diaper
*Smallest setting did indeed seem small
Efficient in preventing leaks

Velcro will eventually wear out faster then snap
Takes forever to dry
No cute patterns
Below is the Ones & Twos opened up

 Below is the only opening to the pocket (You can see the sewn in soaker here also)

 Ones & Twos at its largest setting
 Ones & Twos at its smallest setting. 

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