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Peachy Green Diaper Review

Below is a video and picture review I did on the Peachy Green Sprout Up OS AI2, Peachy Green Switcheroo Covers and one size bamboo inserts. I love these diapers! They are trim and some of the cutest diapers I have seen yet! Definitely give them a go! This diaper company used to be called Bright Star and before that they were called Fishnoodles.

      Here is the video review and further down is the picture review
The Sprout Up OS AI2 is good for babies from 7-35 lbs. The AI2 fit my little guy at 7-8 lbs and he is now 19 lbs and a crawler. It still fits like a charm with great leak coverage : ) The Peachy Green website says that the inside of the diaper shell (as shown below) is micro-fleece and resists wetness. Ideally you should be able to reuse the shell by only having to snap out the insert and snap in a  new one. Occasionally you may have to let the shell dry a little before you use it again. This is easier to do if you rotate two or more shells.One downside to the Peachy Green diapers and Covers is that the snap in inserts are sold separately. This is why I use other brand inserts a lot of the time in my Peachy Green diaper cover and save the snap in inserts for my AI2.  The pictures below is the AI2 without the snap in insert.
The picture below is the AI2 with the one size bamboo insert snapped in
 This picture shows where the bamboo insert snaps into
Peachy Green also carries a Solo Lux AIO diaper that I have yet to try out. It comes in 3 sizes. Size 0 is for babies 7-16 lbs, Size 1 is for 12-28 lbs and Size 2 is for 24-35 lbs. 
These pictures below are of the Peachy Green Size 1 Switcheroo Diaper Cover.
The sizes listed above are the same for their Switcheroo Covers also: Size 0, Size 1 and Size 2.
Below is the cover with the insert snapped in
 This pictures shows where the insert snaps in under the back flap
 This is the one size bamboo insert there are 3 snaps so that you can change
the size of the insert with the different size diapers.
This is the smallest setting for the one size insert
Peachy Green also sells snap in Hemp Boosters also known as doublers
Pattern Variety
Trim Fit
Efficient in Preventing Leaks 
Inserts & boosters snap in
Diaper Cover, AIO or AI2 options
One Size Option Available in the AI2
AI2 shell ideally can be reused if still clean enough
Diaper Cover most of the time can be reused for a couple of changes

Cost ($16 -$23 a piece) Plus price of inserts
Diaper Covers and AIO's do not have a One Size option

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