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Perfect Bum Diaper Cover Review

This is my review on the Perfect Bum diaper covers, trifold inserts and boosters made by Cocalo. I really love this diaper and its convenient to buy at your local Babies R Us. My Babies R Us recently discontinued these diapers, but hopefully yours has not. If they have you can still buy them on Amazon or Ebay.

Here is my video review
Below is the NewBorn Set. It comes with a T-Shirt, Diaper Cover,
Trifold Insert and Booster. The purple diaper below is a size newborn or small which fits 6-13 lbs.
Perfect Bum size medium fits 12-20 lbs and size large fits 20-30 lbs.
 Oh, my the cuteness! Who can resist ruffles on a bum!
Front of Diaper
I love the perfect bum trifold inserts and boosters they are amazing. I use them in multiple different brand diaper covers including my Peachy Green covers and Econobum covers. I also use them as added protection in some of my AIO or AI2 diapers! Even though the comob of the trifold and booster is so trim, it still is very efficient.
Below is a size large trifold insert
 Below is 2 Perfect Bum size large Boosters
(Added thought that is further expounded upon in the video: The large inserts will fit in the small diaper. It maybe a little bulkier but I did it and it worked well. The small diapers come with one small trifold so you will have a couple of them anyhow. If you are short on money no reason to buy more small trifolds unless your baby is just really small. I found that I did not need boosters in the small diapers at all. My son just did not wet enough when he was 13 lbs and under. If you need to save your money, buy only large trifolds and boosters. The small trifolds become no good sooner then you think because they out grow them so fast!:)
The picture below shows the small and large trifold lying next to a small diaper cover
 The picture below shows the large trifold insert in a small diaper cover
The picture below shows the small trifold insert in a small diaper cover
 Front of diaper
 Cocalo - Perfect Bum
 This is a size small for little boys. My little guy started wearing this when he was about 7 lbs and about 2 weeks old. It fit him well for being such a skinny, little guy.
 Back of diaper
 Size small next to a size medium
 Inside of size medium with no insert

Matching T-Shirts available
Trim fit
Reusable or disposable inserts
Available at Babies R Us (My local store stopped carrying them. You will have to check with yours)
Not to expensive (around $15 for a cover that comes with 1 trifold insert)
Small size fits a tiny baby
Easy to use velcro 

Unable to pack numerous layers of inserts in for overnight protection
 Velcro will eventually wear out faster then snaps

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