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Review & Comparison of Munchkin & Sassy Teething Feeder Rings

Below is a video review I did comparing the Munchkin and Sassy feeding rings. They are very different and I made the mistake of getting one just because it was cheaper. I wanted to let others know so they wouldn't make the same mistake : )

Below is my Video Review
 Below is the Munchkin Ring taken apart for cleaning
 Below is the Sassy Ring taken apart for cleaning (Yeah, much better!)
P.S When I talked to my sons doctor about these feeding rings he said that most pediatricians don't care for them because parents use them too long and little ones should be learning to self feed for real and should be learning to get used to textured foods not mash : ) Just a thought I wanted to pass along. Make sure to talk to your child's doctor and see what they think.

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