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Stay at Home Moms - Saving is better then Earning!

    A penny saved is a penny earned this is such a true saying. In my opinion I would go one step further then that a penny saved is two pennies earned. A saved penny has cut a cost out, whereas many times "earning pennies" takes pennies or inventory. For example to get to work you need a car, gas or to join Mary Kay as a consultant costs 100 or more dollars. So, if you cut a cost you do this for free. Ah, everyone loves that word.
It is beautiful as the dictionary says without cost or payment. And many of us scrooge saving, scraping, hard working moms love free. So, here are some ways to get free pennies by saving instead of earning.

     First of all groceries that has truly been my most advantageous way of saving pennies. is one of my favorites for couponing and such. They literally do all the work for you down to the grocery list and everything! If you have shied away from couponing due to lack of time try this site. Just pick your favorite store and they list the printable coupons to go with the sales in that store! Double Savings! And if you pick up your local Sunday Newspaper your bound for delicious easy to achieve savings! YEAH!
    Now for amazing savings on luxury items like eating out, put put golf, ice cream or photo albums and things like that. is an amazing site where you can buy for example a 10 dollar Groupon for a restaurant that is good for 20 dollars worth of food! Lots of restaurants and activity places do this to help their businesses! We have gotten them for restaurants, put put golf, oil changes, magazine subscriptions and tons of activities to do during vacation! So definitely check this out and you will fall in love!
Sams Club:
     Buying in bulk is a wonderful way to save money. Sams Club or Costco Wholesale are both warehouse stores that sell to local consumers in bulk. They both have a yearly membership fee but I shop at my local Sams Club and have found it to be highly worth it. Gerber Baby Food can be gotten for half the cost as at Wal-mart and many other things. Frozen foods can be bought in bulk so long as it fits in your freezer, toilet paper, canned foods and so much more. They sell batteries, videos, bug spray, sunscreen, clothes, fresh foods & meats! Some items like the baby food are crazy cheaper by half, other items are only marginally cheaper by just a bit other are the same price as at Wal-mart. So, know your prices. I like to pre-make my grocery list on the Sams Club Website and then I can compare prices ahead of time online to make sure I am getting the best deal possible.
Thrift Store:
     Buying clothes at thrift stores, goodwills and the like results in huge savings. Don't be turned off you have no idea how many nice hardly used clothes you can find in nice thrift stores. Especially, for goodness sakes buy used clothing for your little ones who grow so fast! Let others buy brand new 20 dollar clothes for their 9 month old who then wears it twice, outgrows it and then they donate it! Then you go in buy it for 1.99 and walla savings : ) Try it out for yourself too! I have found many cute tops and jeans that have been hardly used at our local thrift store.
Timely Shopping:
     If you start to notice that your winter coat is getting old and ragged don't wait and buy one at the beginning of the next winter, when they're all full price! Buy it at the end of this winter when they start marking them down! Yes, there will  not be as much of a selection, but what is available will usually be half the price as it was 4 or 5 months ago! It is crazy not to take advantage of these savings. Flip Flops, Swim Suits, Gloves, Seasonal Shoes, Holiday Decorations, Halloween Costumes: if it is not perishable then it can be bought for cheap and saved for next year. Treat yourself to some new Christmas ornaments or some Easter decorations, but buy them after they go on sale and use them next year.
Energy Savings:
One of our big expenses is usually the electricity bill. So, lately I have been trying to just turn my air conditioner up a notch or two. In the winter I tried the same thing. Instead of running around in shorts with the heat on, I put on long sleeves, pajama pants & socks. This way I could turn the heat down and save a little money. There is no reason to make it freezing in your house, just try and make it comfortable. Try and make yourself comfortable by dressing for the weather instead of adjusting the ac/heating unit for the weather:) Just make sure you dress the kids appropriately too:)
I hope this helps you in your en devour to save for your family. This post is kinda of an add on to my post Stay at Home Mom Guilt. A lot of moms that no longer work feel bad for not making any money themselves, for not bringing in their share of the bacon. But there is so much you can do! Don't ruin a chance at a wonderful happy environment for your children to grow up in by feeling trapped by hideous guilt. God is good and has you with your little ones for a reason. Relax and enjoy it. Be the wife and mother you always dreamed of being as a little girl : ) You can do it because
Jesus Loves You and it will be ok. As the psalmist David says
"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."

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