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Thirsties Duo AIO Diaper Review

Below is my son in his Thirsties Duo AIO diaper. On my one day assessment I loved this diaper! I love the fit on him and it was super cute : ) I have had it for a week now and I love it so much I can't decide whether to save it and use it at night or show it off during the day : )
Below is my video review of the Thirsties Duo AIO

Of course keeping in mind this is the nicest AIO diaper I have ever had so it does make me feel a little spoiled. This diaper comes in two sizes. Size one is for babies 6-18 lbs (0-9 months) and size two is for babies 18-40 lbs (9-36 months). I have only one size two diaper but I love it. This diaper comes with optional Aplix® hook-and-loop closures or with snap closures like mine. These diapers run 16 to 17 dollars a piece depending on whether you get a pattern or a solid color. 

The picture above is the Thirsties Duo at the largest setting and below
is the diaper at the smallest setting

 Close up on side of diaper

Inside of diaper
For 11-12 hour nights I insert 2 Perfect Bum Boosters in the pocket in the Thirsties Duo like shown below... and it is ready to go for the night : )

At this point I only own 3 types of AIO diapers and 1 AI2 diaper so those are what I use to compare with. To start with I really like the pocket that you put the insert into in this AIO. It goes all the way through so there are two openings to it like a tunnel. This makes it way easier to stuff and this helps it dry. I have to take this diaper and turn it inside out so it dries all the way, but that might be my older dryer not getting as hot as a fancy new one might. I have to do the same thing for my ones & twos AIO diaper but it is much harder to turn inside out because there is only one opening to the pocket.
As I use this diaper longer I will add things to this review. I have found that you like different diapers at different stages in your child's diapering years. So, what you like and dislike changes with the size, mobility and degree of the wetter he or she becomes.

Efficient in preventing leaks
Good overnight diaper (with inserts)
5 Patterns & 9 Solids available that I know of
2 openings to pocket
Not very bulky

Comes in 2 sizes not a real One Size

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