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Tips to Help Soothe a Sick Baby

     My little man had a virus last week and as soon as he was feeling better from that came down with a wretched cold.  The poor thing has been so miserable that I've had to learn new ways to soothe him and help him relax. I thought I would make a list of the things I found.
If you live in a warm climate you may want to opt for a cool mist humidifier. I've found online a lot of pediatricians prefer you to use a cool mist humidifier also. For one they can't burn you if touched and so on. I actually use a warm mist humidifier. I do have to keep the AC lower so it does not get too warm in his room but I like it and it works well for him. You can also add Vicks VapoSteam or Kaz Inhalant for a nice cough suppressant.
Warm Bath:
Who when they are sick doesn't want a warm bath? I found that if I placed my little one in his baby tub inside our tub with regular temperature bath water then let much hotter water run in our tub to create steam it would help clear up his nose and make him oh so happy. If you do this just be careful that the hot water in the large tub does not heat up the water in the baby tub.
Hot Shower:
This is kind of on the same line as the first two but in the mornings when my little one is stuffiest and most miserable I take him in the bathroom and turn the shower on at full heat while we sit and he drinks his bottle. It works like a charm for a quick fix for a stuffy nose. Make sure to have the nasty bulb on hand to suck your poor babies nose while its good and loosened up.
Mommy Time:
I seriously doubt anyone has to be told that their sick one wants their mommy. When my little one had the bug we laid on the couch together and watched cartoons most of the day. Just make sure to set the laundry, dishes and lists aside to just hold them.
Make sure to always check with your pediatrician for medicines safe for your child and safe dosing. For us Infant Tylenol 0-36 months was a life saver. All the drainage from his nose had given him a sore throat and whenever he coughed it made him cry. The Tylenol was able to give him enough relief to get through the night.
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