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What to Do When Your Baby is Vomiting

     Yesterday for the first time my 9 month old was pretty sick. Not just a cold or runny nose, but throwing up and buddy it scared me. I could tell he was fussy yesterday morning, but I thought it was just one of those days. When I walked in on him heaving up his breakfast, It kinda freaked me out! My poor tiny little baby!

My first thought was what did he eat to cause this? But when I called the pediatrician they said a bug was going around right now. Well, at least that meant he wasn't highly allergic to the pears he had that morning (that had been my first thought.)
     I had no idea what to do for him while he was throwing up every 15-20 minutes and I had to wait an hour for the doctor to call us back. So, I thought I'd write down what the nurse told us so that if someone is in a similar situation they have a little help : )
     She told me to first stop giving him anything at all to eat or drink. Wow, I hate it when the doctor tells me to do the opposite of what I was just doing... It makes me feel like a complete failure as a mother. I had been trying to get him to drink so he didn't get dehydrated... unfortunately I was compounding the problem and causing more vomiting.
    She said wait until you have 2 hours with no vomiting then in VERY (and she stressed this a great deal) small amounts give pedialyte with preferably a syringe. She suggested start with 2-4 mls every 10 minutes and if they keep that down give a little more at a time. She also stressed that if they throw up while your doing this you need to wait 2 more hours before trying again. So, take it slow.
     After a while of this you need to get Lactose Free or Low Lactose Formula. (If you are still breastfeeding consult your pediatrician) The nurse said that milk would be hard on his stomach and the milk low in lactose would be less likely to be thrown up. So, we purchased Enfamil GentleEase which is a low lactose formula. Then we made up a bottle and diluted it with pedialyte and gave him 4-5 mls at a time of that mixture.
     After he had kept all this down we moved up to an oz at a time of the pedialyte/formula mix, then up to just formula. The nurse said to wait for any solid foods 6 hours after no vomiting. We would also need to use the GentleEase for 3-4 days afterwards.
    We were told that if he had not kept anything down after 12-14 hours to bring him in for possible IV fluids. She told us that if he had 1-2 wet diapers in 24 hours that was a sign he wasn't dehydrated but if he went 24 hours without one to go in immediately (Personally if he went 12 hours without a wet dipe I'd be on my way to the doctor..., but I'm a worry wart.) She also said that if you look in their mouth and it is pink and glossy that is a good sign they are not dehydrated but if it is white and stringy like they have toothpaste in there mouth get them to the doctor.
     I hope this helps you. If you are able though CONSULT WITH YOUR PEDIATRICIAN! I just wrote this to help out those poor moms waiting for the doctor to call them back while their little one is throwing up. Thanks everyone : )
P.S. My son is 20 months now and not on formula or breast milk, so I called the doctor when he started throwing up today (4/1/14). They said after waiting 2 hours after last vomit then give small amounts of pedialyte then if they keep that down wait 4 hours before offering the usual saltine crackers. Hope that helps!
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