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Why Cloth Diaper Microfiber Inserts Turn Gray & Blue Occasionally

So, recently some of my Perfect Bum Booster MF (Microfiber) Inserts and KaWaii MF Soakers from my cloth diaper stash have turned a really dark grayish blue! They don't stink or have any odor but they look disgusting! I really pride myself on my nice, clean, white diaper stash. This is unacceptable! I did some research with some surprising results.
A lot of people with this same problem had one thing in common. Their child either had just gotten vaccines or they were just recently sick and during this they had given their little one Tylenol, very interesting! If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that my little guy just had a bad cold and was getting Infants Tylenol 0-36 months!
The other interesting thing I found is that it doesn't matter what flavor you use. Some people used grape and some cherry. I used red cherry & dye free (clear) cherry flavored Tylenol. Because I used both dyed and non dyed it is possible that the dye free might not have this effect. Next time my guy needs Tylenol I will use the Dye Free only and let you know what happened.
  I also have found that for the majority it seems to affect Microfiber more then other materials. My Perfect Bum Microfiber Boosters have a Trifold insert that wraps around them and the top of it is made of cotton and it did not stain at all. The Perfect Bum Booster never came in contact with stool only urine. I also used Econobum Prefold Inserts and they are 100% cotton and they didn't stain either.
   The general consensus is that you CAN bleach microfiber inserts. I know, I know we've all been scared to death to never ever let bleach touch our precious stash, but even sellers of Bum Genius Inserts says it is OK on Bum Genius microfiber inserts.  Another less drastic option to get rid of the discoloration is sunning your inserts. The sun is an amazing natural bleaching agent. I tried sunning my Tylenol stained inserts and it helped but there was still considerable staining. I bleached them and it worked perfectly! They are white again!! YEAH! Here is the link to my post Sunning and Bleaching Experiment for more information and more pictures.
 The first picture is the original stained perfect bum booster, second picture is after a day and a half of sunning and the third picture is after bleaching.
   I've found online people say there are 3 other things that can cause this blueing. I personally can't seem to find anything to back it up or disprove it so I'm going to go ahead and put them here.
   The first thing I found that people suggested cause this type of discoloration is using a detergent with chemical whiteners. The detergents to avoid often say brighter, whiter or cleaner on the container some where. These whitening agents so some say can actually make some of your stash turn blue. Either way whiteners are to be avoided like the plague because they can easily hurt your stash in other ways The second thing some moms claimed could turn inserts blue was Vitamin D drops. The third was mineral deposits in your water. Like I said I couldn't find anything online to confirm these but i just wanted you to know the possibilities!
        Below is three of my KaWaii Inserts the middle one is the unstained
white insert 
the outer two are the inserts that were affected by the Tylenol.
 Below is two pictures of two of my Perfect Bum Booster Inserts one is 
the white unstained insert and the other the blueish, brownish, purplish insert!

Here are the links from where I got most my information:
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Forum with Vitamin D drops suggested root cause to Blueing
Forum with Whiteners suggested cause
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Blog with directions for stinky microfiber inserts says OK to Bleach Microfiber Insert (at bottom of article)
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  1. Wow!! I've been searching all over for a solution to my grey inserts... thought it was a laundry issue... but this makes so much more sense!
    Little guy has been teething and we've been using Tylenol and suddenly many of his diapers have gone grey.. especially the overnight ones (which is when we use the Tylenol).
    Thank you for your post... this makes me feel like I have an answer, and makes me feel better knowing it's just stains, not built up minerals/detergent.
    And to answer your question, we only use dye free Tylenol, so that stains as well


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