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Beware! This Could be Hiding in Your Babies Cloth Diaper!

I love buying used cloth diapers. When I first started cloth diapering I thought I would never convert to the likes of "Used Diapers." I mean isn't that gross? But then I realized most moms who spend the money to buy cloth diapers take really good care of them and it is a practical way to save money. I especially enjoy going to our locally owned cloth diaper store and rummaging through their gently loved diaper shelf!
BEWARE! Disturbing Images of Lint FOLLOW! :)
Recently I bought a used Lovely Pocket Diaper for $4 dollars! It is a cheaper pocket diaper and very similar to the KaWaii Pocket Diaper. I will do a review on this diaper as soon as I can and also compare it with the KaWaii. 
Back to the point, I was rinsing the pocket diaper out with the diaper sprayer when I noticed the wings of the diaper were a blueish tinge. I thought hmmm what caused that? It wasn't there before. That is when I realized   it wasn't external staining it was something inside the diaper. It was between the outer pul lining and the inner suede lining. When I pressed my fingers together on the wing I could feel the lump of what ever was in there. YUCK! 
The reason I was just now noticing it was because it was more visible once the white material was wet. I tried to turn the wing inside out but with no success. I ended up bending a metal barrette and used it as a grappling hook! What I pulled out was very old and very used lint.
Of course this isn't all bad. It's just lint right? But this is still a diaper we are talking about and I don't think that I want to know all the things that lint had filtered through and trapped in that wing with it. 
DOUBLE YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below is a picture of the wing pulled inside out.
As you can see there is only a very small opening to get a hook through and pull the lint out.
Now this is a cheaper pocket diaper running about 7 dollars brand new. So, I do wonder if a more expensive pocket diaper would maybe have the wing sewn off so that things could not collect in it.
The only pocket diapers I own are the Lovely Pocket Diaper and the KaWaii Pocket Diaper. They both are cheaper pocket diapers and both have the "Lint Trap Wings."

Below is a video showing in more detail how I got the wing cleaned out

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