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Blue & Gray Inserts are White again! - Sunning & Bleaching Experiment

If you've read my post Why Cloth Diaper Microfiber Inserts Turn Gray & Blue Occasionally then you know the story behind this experiment. My son had been sick for a while and we had used Children's Tylenol. We believe that is what turned are microfiber inserts a nasty grayish, blueish color. After doing some research the suggested fix was sunning them (The sun is a natural bleaching agent:) or if that failed to bleach them in the washer machine. I tried sunning them first. Here are the picture results from that.

Pictures before Sunning
The Perfect Bum microfiber booster on your right is the stained one
(the one of the left is a clean, unstained one for comparison of what it should look like)
 The two KaWaii microfiber inserts on the outside are the stained ones. 
The one in the middle is for color comparison.
Stained Econobum Cotton Prefold
 Hanging diapers and inserts out
Pictures after Sunning
After a full day and a half of Sunning.
 Perfect Bum Booster is better but still stained and very gray.
 It was the same with the KaWaii. Better but still stained.
(A little harder to see in picture)
 What appears to be shadowing is actually gray coloring on insert.

 Then I decided to take it one step further. I put them in the washer machine (top loader machine on small load setting) with 1 cup of bleach. My inserts came out smelling strongly of bleach but no stains! I had to rinse them a couple of times.  I actually soaked them in the sink in near boiling water twice to make sure all the bleach was rinsed out. Next time I tried a 1/2 of cup of bleach instead and it was not enough. It had little to no affect on most of the stains. I redid the load in 1 cup of bleach and the stains were gone. Below are the pictures of the results.
Pictures after Bleaching in Washer Machine
                                                    KaWaii Inserts: All three are white!
So, pretty : )
 Perfect Bum Booster is white again!!!
 Front side of Perfect Bum Booster is white!
 The Econobum prefold still held on to a little staining
and the whole prefold changed colors.
In the picture below the Econobum prefold on your left is the one that was bleached and the one on the right is the original unbleached prefold. The bleach didn't damage the prefold in absorbancy as far as I can tell but unbleached prefolds are softer. I probably will not bleach my Econobum prefolds again and if I do I will most likely try a significant amount less. Maybe even as low as 1/8 to a 1/4 of a cup. Especially since I use small load setting on my washer machine.
Sunning is a great way to help with staining. It was very successful in removing stains from my KaWaii diapers and some of my AIO diapers. But for those harder to remove tough stains, it seems to be perfectly fine to bleach microfiber inserts and boosters. If you need to bleach cotton just be aware if it is "Unbleached" it will change colors (obviously right? : ) and not be quite as soft. Try it with less bleach then I did and make sure to add it after the washer is full of water. After you add bleach to water and the washer machine agitates it a little then add inserts and prefolds. I hope this helps and good luck!!!!
Here is a closer comparison of the before and after pictures.
 The first picture is the original stained perfect bum booster, second picture is after a day and a half of sunning and the third picture is after bleaching.

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