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BumGenius Freetime All-In-One One Size Cloth Diaper Review

I bought this diaper gently used about 2 weeks ago. It is the best AIO I have had so far! Due to the 2 semi attached inserts it not only has great coverage but also dries easily! The color of the diaper I bought is Noodle. There are 14 solid colors and 2 prints available last I checked.

 Below is the 2 sewn in inserts folded out
 Picture of both inserts folded in properly
Another shot of the attached inserts
The fit on my little man is perfect! One of my very favorite
features of this diaper is the stretchy butterfly closure tabs!
It makes this diaper a easy delight to use!
This diaper is also a one size fitting 8-35 lbs.
Below is the Freetime at the smallest setting.
 Below is the Freetime at the largest setting.
Side Picture
The only downside to the Freetime diaper that I have found is that when I use my diaper sprayer to clean it off in the toilet, it is a bit harder then other diapers because the two inserts open different ways. One of the inserts sometimes ends up hanging down into the bottom of the toilet bowl. Definitely not a deal breaker or a big deal in general. I only mention this tiny thing because there were no other downsides!

Not too Expensive for an AIO (19.95)
Efficient at preventing leaks
One Size (8-35 lbs)
Dries Quickly for an AIO
Very Good Quality
14 Solid Colors and 2 Patterns to Choose From
Cute and trim fit
Stretchy Tabs make the fit personalized and comfortable

-One of the inserts occasionally hangs down in the toilet
while cleaning off stool in toilet with diaper sprayer

BumGenius Different Styles and Price Comparison
The BumGenius Freetime sells for 19.95 on the Cotton Babies website and does not come with inserts. Bum Genius also has the Elemental which sells for $24.95. I don't believe it is sold with any inserts. There is also the Bum Genius 4.0 which sells for $17.95 and includes one newborn or booster insert and one One Size insert to grow with. (pictured below) Then lastly there is the newborn AIO diaper which sells for $12.95
Eventually I would like to do reviews on all these diapers! But the general differences are that the Elemental is a One Size All in One diaper that has a pocket for extra inserts if needed. The Opening to the pocket in the Elemental is on the side of the diaper instead of the front or back.The Bum Genius 4.0 is a one size pocket diaper with the opening to the pocket in the back for inserts. Lastly the Newborn AIO diaper fits 6-12 lb babies. It has only hook and loop closure for a more personalized fit on a tiny baby.
If you want to read my post on the explanation of the differences between an AIO or Pocket Diaper
Follow this link to Different Cloth Diapers Explained
BumGenius, Flip and Econobum by Cotton Babies are the creator and manufacturer of not only BumGenius but also Flip and Econobum. The Flip is a one size diaper cover with hook and loop closure or snaps which sells for $14.95 inserts sold separately. The Econobum is an economy one size diaper cover (that I love!) with snaps that sells for $8.95 for the cover alone or $11.95 for one diaper cover and 3 Econobum Prefold Inserts.
Follow this link for my Econobum Review.

Below is a picture of the BumGenius One Size Insert 
at the smallest setting
 Below is the Bum Genius One Size Insert 
at the largest setting (there are 3 size settings total)
Below is two pictures of the Econobum Prefold Insert

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