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Tips to Stop the Unholy Rush to Sunday School - So, today was one of those days that I put myself in time outOur Story:
So it is Sunday morning and the madhouse rush to get ready for Sunday school begins. Of course it takes me 30 minutes longer then it should have to get ready again. I mean how can you lose 14 lbs and still not like the way you look in clothes...especially church clothes.
Then time to feed the 10 month old and of course he doesn't want to eat his pears and cereal! It is Sunday morning what did you expect? What are you kidding mommy just dripped pears on her skirt...this is not going well. Ok I can handle this I can still be the super mom and super duper wife. I make hubby breakfast then feed the baby. Check breakfast off the list.
"Honey", I shout across the house, "Is overalls on a 10 month old weird for church?" Of course my sweet husband said it will be fine, but no I convinced myself that would just be down right too casual. So thus insued the next 15 minutes of trying to find a cute enough outfit to fit my over active fashion sense.
By the time i make it to the car I'm on the verge of seething hot steam from my ears. It's raining and it has just been one of those mornings! When suddenly a thought crosses my mind, is this the kind of mom I want to be? No! Was my quick response, but what do I to fix it?
Then I remembered the little show my son would watch, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood and the simplistic child like lesson they were trying to teach, that is to count to 4 when your mad. I did it. It worked. All of a sudden it was silly to be so upset over such tiny mishaps. I was back to being super mom and super duper wife.
I was able to enjoy Sunday School so much better now that I was in the right spirit. It is always such a blessing to hear the lesson and fellowship with other young couples in our class. A blessing I may have missed if God hadn't used a child's lesson to teach mommy a thing or two.
Tips for Easier Mornings:
Here are some tips I'm going to start trying to implement to make Sunday mornings a little easier and maybe a little more holy.
FIRST: Lay out clothes the night before for everyone! Do this for Mommy and kids! Make sure you have everything shoes, socks, slips, hoes etc.
SECOND: For young children pre pack the diaper bag. Including bottles, bibs, extra clothes, diapers etc.
THIRD: Have breakfast already planned and make it an easy grab and go meal. Even better make it something that mommy can grab and possibly eat in the car if she needs to. Try muffins that were made the day before, microwaveable chicken biscuits, Pop Tarts or granola bars and bananas.
FORTH: Make sure you grab something to eat for yourself. Even if it is just a granola bar try and grab something. Plus a cup of coffee to go is a wonderful pick me up for those earlier mornings: )
FIFTH: Sorry, Sunday mornings are not the day to push the snooze button. This for sure is going to be the hard one for me personally, but if you've got little ones it is always going to take longer to get ready then it should. So, get up 15 to 30 minutes sooner then what will just get you out the door on time. Your attitude on Sunday morning could affect what your children or husband take away from church so even if you end up running late, relax it will be OK. Let the Lord use you in this morning time to help prepare your families hearts to hear His Word. Is there anything more important then that?


  1. What is it about Sunday mornings? I look forward to them all week, but when they come, it's so hard to get out the door and get to church! Thanks for sharing your story and your tips!


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