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Neat Tool to Keep Shampoo out of Babies Eyes

Bath and Sun Visor Review

Months ago my son started sitting up during bath time instead of laying back in an infant tub. So, I started having to invent new ways not to get water and shampoo in his eyes. I know the baby shampoo is "No Tears" but water gushing over his head and into his face wasn't pleasant for him. I finally bought a Garanimals Little Slugger Bath and Sun Visor from Walmart on a whim not thinking it would work but boy was I surprised!

We love it and use it at every bath time! If your child will keep it on long enough to rinse the suds off it is a really nice tool. We also bought at the same time the Garanimals Shampoo Rinse Cup it is nice but not as useful for us at this time. I think we will use it more and maybe instead of the visor once our son learns to tip his head back when rinsing his hair:)
I definitely suggest getting one of the bath visors. They are not that expensive and work great. Just makes bath time a little more enjoyable for our little angels and my little guy loved watching the water drip off the edge of the visor! It was a brand new bath game for him! Fun, Fun, Fun we love bath time!

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