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Overnight Car trip with 10 month old...oh my.

Our Story:
So I was planning on doing a post on being thankful today. When my husband called to let me know that
we're going on a business trip this Thursday. My choices have always been to go with my husband or stay at home and miss him terribly.
I know this sounds weird and a lot of people might not understand but my husband and I have never spent the night away from each other. Since our wedding we have always come home to one another each and every night and we both like it that way. So, I go with him not because I feel guilty for staying but for the simple reason I want to be with him. No, I have to be with him.
This means an overnight business trip with a 10 month old. In the past I have gone on these trips, once 7 months pregnant, once when our son was 2 months old and many times after that. Learning the ropes of taking care of a small child is challenging enough for a first time mom but a 5 hour trip in the car definitely doesn't make it easier.
But this post was supposed to be about being grateful so here are some things that I am thankful for. First off I'm so thankful my husband has a good, secure job. I'm also thankful that his co worker who is coming with us is someone I know and get along with really well. Hopefully that will make the 5 hour trip with a grumpy child a little easier and not nearly as awkward as if it were someone I didn't know at all.
God has been so good to us. I'm afraid sometimes I take his goodness for granted. Originally in my "thankful post" I was going to talk about how grateful I was for my recent remission from my Crohn's flare up and how  wonderful my sweet husband is. How good God has been to me through my family. I have a house, the man of my dreams, a sweet baby boy and amazing family support system. God is Good. One day I will do a post on how God brought me and my hubby together. It is a pretty amazing story:)
But for now here are some tips I've learned about traveling with a small child.
Tips for Traveling with a Little One:
First - what not to bring:
I know this is hard but try not to pack too much. Packing too much just leads to being overwhelmed . I know you want to make sure you have everything you'll need no matter what happens. Including 15 extra diapers, a zillion toys for entertainment,  medicine because he might get sick, baby shampoo just in case he needs a bath and if you need a bath you'll have to have his favorite bath toy and the list goes on and on until you start to feel like the story book "If you give a mouse a cookie."  So try and remember there is usually a general store not too far away from anywhere. It will be a lot less stressful bringing four or five bags less and just popping in somewhere if you by chance need something unexpected. Remember you have to unpack all this stuff too...yuck.
The picture at the top of the post is everything I packed for 3 people for one night out. I was pretty impressed with myself especially seeing as almost half of that is the pack and play! Yeah, pat this mommy on the back. Shh, no one needs to know that the suitcase is about to explode at the seams. That is confidential:)
Second - what to bring:
Definitely bring snacks. Try to bring snacks that make the least mess. Those super crumbly crackers and get you slimy snacks are ones you'll want to avoid. Try little rice crackers or cheerios that don't crumble as bad, juice bottles and jars of baby food. Yes, you heard me jars of baby food. I have found if I am not the one driving I can with ease go to the back seat, throw a bib on my little one and spoon feed him a meal without ever stopping the car. Do bring a few toys not not too many but a couple of their favorites and a few more smaller size ones. Entertainment is pretty high on the priority list on a long trip. Also if it is an overnight trip bring everything within reason to make babies "away bed" as close to their crib at home. I brought my little mans play pen, sleeping blanket, PJ's and white noise machine while we were on vacation and this was enough of a familiar surrounding to get him to sleep with little to no extra hassle.
Third - have fun:
I try not to forget that while we are on these business trips, I get to be with my sweetheart:) He could be at work slaving away for the good of mankind and I could be at home working to clean what sometimes has to be the dirtiest house on the block:) But instead we are in a vehicle together getting to enjoy each others company. Yes, it can be stressful and the baby will cry but it isn't all bad by a long shot.
This is my list I made for myself I decided to put it on here just as an example:)
Little Man
My Husband
Bibs, Spoons & Baby Food
Medications for Crohn’s
Iron Supplements (Meds)
Travel Clothes – Jeans etc.
Flip Flops
Snacks –Rice Crackers, Gerber Puff Cereal Snacks
Clothes for Business Meeting
Change of clothes
Juice & 2 Sippy Cups

1 or 2 books
Formula & Bottles of Water

Bottles, Bottle cleaning stuff, burp clothes
Miscellaneous  for Everyone:
Bag for dirty clothes
Diapers, Desitin and wipes
Laptop & Charger

Changes of Clothes
Cellphones & Chargers

Sleeping Time for Baby:
Toothpaste, Toothbrushes

Play Pen
Razor & Shaving Cream

White Noise Machine
Shampoo & Conditioner

Baby Blanket & Lovey Toy
Scrunchi & Clips for hair

Hairbrush & Hairspray


Hair gel

Tissues (for in the car)

If I think of anything else I will add it later:)

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