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When Should You Stop Using the Baby Monitor?

This isn't one of those crazy hard questions that has every one who talks about it in a controversial uproar but it is a question a lot of moms ask all the same. When should I stop using the baby monitor?
There are a lot of variables that will play into when you stop using the monitor. For one how far away is your child's bedroom from your own or your child's age and health. I don't believe age should play as much of a roll in your decision to stop using it as other things. For example my son's room is right next to mine and he is 10 months old but I have no intentions of getting rid of the monitor anytime soon. Sure I could hear him if he got really upset but I like to know the instant he is awake. But and this is a big deal if your child has the habit of waking for a few seconds a few times each night and doesn't really need your attention and this is causing you to not get enough sleep it may be time to get rid of the monitor. Specifically if every whimper from your child makes you rush in their room which not only disturbs your sleep but theirs also. My little guy is a good sleeper so I'm blessed with the option to keep the monitor at my bedside with little detriment to my sleep.
I really don't think there is a particular age you should get rid of the monitor. Especially if your small child is on a separate floor of the house then you. Maybe like me you will actually sleep better with that extra security.
Now one thing I will point out is my monitor has an amazing setting where it only transfers noise to my hand set once the level of noise hits a certain decibel. And the sensitivity level can be adjusted. I strongly suggest you get a monitor like this. In this setting I only hear sounds if my son is actually awake and not every time he rolls over in the night. Mine is an Angelcare monitor and it gets a 5 star review for being off the charts amazing.
Eventually I'm sure my son and I will out grow the need for the monitor and I'm curious to see what will be the reason I get rid of it in the end. Maybe it will simply be because mommy knows it just isn't needed anymore. In summary I don't see any reason to rush ditching the monitor unless it is interfering with your sleep. If it gives you comfort to see the glowing light of connection with your sweet angel then keep it :-)
Here is a helpful link:When Can I Stop Using the Baby Monitor?
The Picture Below is the part of my AngelCare Handset that goes in mommies room:)
The first picture in this post (above) is the part of the handset that goes in babies room:)
You can see it also gives you the temperature in babies room, so nice!
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