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Lovely Pocket Diaper Review (Compared with KaWaii Diaper)

I bought my lovely pocket diaper used at our local cloth diaper store. Brand new the Lovely Pocket Diaper is very economical. The Classic is $7 for solid colors and 7.50 for prints. The Rave is more expensive at $12 for solids and $12.50 for prints. I do not own a Rave but it is pretty neat looking with double leg gussets sewn into the liner. Follow this link for pictures of the Rave. Lovely also carries a diaper cover which sells for $6.75 and only comes in solid colors.
Below is my video comparison of the Classic Lovely vs the KaWaii
Further down is my written review
Overall the Classic Lovely Pocket Diaper is a good diaper for the price. The diaper that is most similar to it in price and features is the KaWaii Pocket Diaper. So, I am going to go through the main differences between them - The Upsides and Downsides. Follow this link for my Kawaii Review.
Suede Vs. Microfiber
One main difference between Lovely and KaWaii is that the lovely has a suede liner inside. The KaWaii diapers only have suede offered with their HD2 which has velcro not snaps. I really like snaps and I really like suede, Lovely offers these together. I prefer suede or micro-suede over microfiber when I can get it because it does not pill as badly. Over time suede just looks less old and used compared to microfiber. Microfiber also has a tendency to loose its softness so much faster then suede. KaWaii does offer a diaper called "Mom Label OS Bamboo Minky" it is lined in bamboo and has 2 bamboo inserts the outside is made of minky a polyester plush that feels so soft. Bamboo is the organic option instead of non organic suede. If you have a baby who get rashes in other cloth diapers try Bamboo out. It may help being an organic material. It is less irritating to sensitive skin and does not pill like microfiber also. This also makes KaWaii's Mom Label Bamboo diaper a little higher price at 10.90 a piece. Lovely pocket diapers do not offer bamboo only suede.
Follow this link to see KaWaii's Mom Label One Size Bamboo Minky

 Below is the Lovely Suede Liner

Pocket Opening
The pocket on the lovely has elastic on both sides of the opening where as the KaWaii only has elastic on one side. The picture below is the lovely pocket opening

Water Proof Band 
Now here is one of the bigger differences and the main reason I will probably end up staying with KaWaii over Lovely. The KaWaii on the inside where the diaper touches the babies belly has a strip of water proof material sewn in. This really helps keep moisture from wicking to babies clothing. Especially at night when your little one is sleeping on their belly. The lovely is a good diaper for the price but does not have this feature.

Below is the Classic Lovely Diaper at it's smallest and largest setting

 Side view of the Lovely Pocket Diaper

Effective at preventing leaks
Cute patterns available
Suede inside
Dries quickly
Offer Diaper Cover and two kinds of Pocket Diapers
Can stuff for personalized coverage

No waterproof belly band
Does not offer Bamboo lined diapers

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