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Crohn's Stuff and Coffee Substitutes

 My Crohn's has once again started acting up. Yuck. I had began wondering if some of the more recent flare ups had possibly been due to my new hobby of coffee drinking. Don't get me wrong I've always drank a little coffee here and there, but since becoming a stay at home mom with a toddler it has gotten pretty bad. One cup in the morning, one in the afternoon and sometimes a decaf cup after dinner.
    So, I did some research and coffee can be a troublemaker for those of us with stomach problems. Whether from the caffeine or the acidity in the coffee it didn't matter. Either way I was beginning to realize the cold hard truth, that the coffee had to be cut back and possibly cut out completely.
    Oh, I've been so miserable and tired the last few days, but I did realize I had been making another serious mistake with the coffee. Because of my too high expectations for myself and what should get done in a day around the house I had been using coffee to artificially prop myself up. This would lead me to not taking a nap or going to bed earlier when I maybe would have off of caffeine. 
    My doctor has always told me how important sleep is for all people, especially when you have a disease like Crohn's. Your body needs to recoup and relax. Now that I'm off caffeine my body can tell me, "Hey, silly go to bed!" Thankfully the LORD has blessed me with a little one that goes to bed regularly at 7:30 pm. 
    My current plan is to relax and take it easier while my body recovers from caffeine withdrawal and the loss of the delicious comforts of that warm, creamy, aromatic, black goodness. Oh, I miss you my precious!
Coffee Substitutes:   
   I've been trying to find a coffee substitute. I hate tea, cold tea, hot tea, sweet tea, green tea it's all gross. I don't know where I missed the tea band wagon, but I was born in the south to two Michigan born and raised parents who didn't drink tea. It is a mystery.
   So, that left hot cocoa. The little powder packs with tiny marshmallows just seem chalky and in the end unsatisfying. Today I tried chocolate milk. It was surprisingly good and closer to the soothing creaminess I was used to. I can't wait to try strawberry milk too! YUM! Of course these are a little higher in calorie then my usual cup of Joe, so I will have to keep that in mind also. It also lacks the wonderful warming qualities of a hot cup of coffee.
    One thing I can't wait to try for a substitute is an  instant coffee called  Pero Coffee Substitute  that you can buy on Amazon. It's ingredients are barley, chicory, rye and nothing else. It is an instant natural beverage which is naturally 100% caffeine free, low acidity and still according to them has a coffee like taste.
But something I've enjoyed in the past and can't wait to buy and use for a coffee substitute is Biltmore® Wassail Spice Blend. It is the best apple cider mix I have ever had. It is sweet, warm, delicious and soothing. Hello apple cider and goodbye coffee!!!! YEAH!!!!
    I was also suggested by another Google Plus Mom (Click Here to Go to Her Blog) to try Carob Powder which I found on Amazon. She also said I should try tea again, but try a nicer tea. She gave this website Online Tea Store - The Whistling Kettle and said her favorite flavors are Happy and the Coconut.
Update and Conclusion: 3 days later
   I wrote the post above on 8-12-13, as of which I had not had coffee for about 3 days. Last night it was 5 days and there had been no Crohn's symptoms. I needed to know for sure that coffee was the offender. Maybe I could have decaff....maybe. Last night I had one solitaire cup of decaff coffee with 3 international delight individual creamer cups and 1 tbsp of granulated sugar. (I like it sweeter then most : ) This morning on 8-15-13, the Crohn's symptoms returned.
    I told my husband there are two upsides to this discovery. For one I can now get on the road to recovery with my Crohn's. After 3 long weeks of fighting this flare up, I know how to get better, finally. Second, I had to cut the caffeine before we decide to have our next child anyhow. I have no idea when that will be, but the caffeine estrangement was looming in my future anyhow. Might as well get the headaches over with now.
    Goodbye coffee, Goodbye decaff coffee... Hello to new options and new traditions. Here is to healing, getting back on my diet and being healthy for my husband, my little man, future children and myself.
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