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Finding Keys in Bottomless Pit Diaper Bags!

Ever have that huge purse or diaper bag... Of course you have! Even before children just being women we had to have everything in case of anything in our purse. Now add on one or two little people with sippy cups, bottles, diapers, and wipes and we are carrying a black bottomless pit of a diaper bag. Now try to find your keys in that mess.
I can't tell you how many times I have stood at my car in the middle of a hot parking lot dumping everything out of my diaper bag searching for those keys! I just sat them on top, expecting them to float on the surface of the stormy waves of diapers, formula, trash (Yes, my diaper bag is also a trash can apparently) and burp cloths. Yet, they always find their way to the deep bottomless regions of that bag.
I recently acquired a bunch of pacifier clips from I have been using them to attach toys to my son so they don't fall on the floor and I found a way to hang a sippy cup on the outside of the diaper bag using these clips.  But today, I was packing the diaper bag and a light bulb went off above my head! I can use the pacifier clips to hang my keys! YEAAHHHH!

I just hooked it onto my key ring like the picture below shows.
Then attached it to my diaper bag!
It works great and clips back off with ease!!!

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