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I want to be a mom that has it going on like Cat in the Hat

    So, Cat in the Hat originally kind of creeped me out. I mean he is a giant, odd looking cat... who is just strange. Then my son came along and we got hooked on PBS and the The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! It grew on me and the Cat didn't seem so bad after all.

   In each episode The Cat in the Hat will always take Nick and Sally on an adventure. Isn't that what we as moms are destined to do? To be adventure makers and side kick travelers as our toddler explores his new world? We should embrace our roll as playmate, friend, mom, teacher and help them explore with those beautifully innocent, inquisitive minds!
   Assuredly, Nick or Sally will always have a question in mind and they will be discussing it when suddenly The Cat in the Hat shows up! He usually doesn't know the answer to their question. Hmm, does that sound familiar moms? But, you know what? He always takes their question serious and off they go on an adventure to find out all about it! How fun would it be when our child 15 questions later says, "Yeah, but why does water bubble when it boils?" and we actually took the time to find an answer with them! Instead of just saying, "Because it does, that's why."
    Then once they are on their adventure without fail to complete their investigation they will need some item. The Cat in the Hat always has neat ideas to fix these problems. I want to be that super mom that not only is always ready to be a fun playmate, but I want to always have the cool gadgets and neat ideas to help my kids learn: Books, Science Experiments, Catching a salamander and feeding him for a week, watching a Caterpillar become a butterfly! So, many things we can do! This inquisitive stage is over so fast and soon they will be young adolescents with a cellphone in one hand and a Nintendo DS in the other. Enjoy the toddler stage, revel in it. Clean your house later, I promise it will still be there. Gather your little jewels around you like a hen gathers her chicks and read a book, take an adventure.

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  1. You are so right. There is very little in our lives that cannot wait. Cherish the moments. What a positive post. :)


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