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Neat Way to Hang Sippy Cup on Diaper Bag

Recently, we went on a road trip. It was going to involve a lot of walking and I needed to compact my diaper bag that I was going to be carrying for our one year old. I managed to fit everything I needed, snacks, diapers and wipes in a small shoulder bag. I fit everything but his sippy cup. I really needed to fit the sippy cup because it was going to be a hot day. I wanted to have it on hand so, I could be sure and keep the little man hydrated and happy. I finally found an efficient way to hang the sippy cup onto my hand bag! I used a pacifier clip! I was so excited. It was easy to snap on and off and hung out of the way.
Below is a video showing in greater detail how I used the pacifier clip to hang it on my bag!

Here is a picture of the pacifier clip and the ribbon I used.
I clipped it onto a pocket on my bag like this.
 Then I wrapped the ribbon around the sippy cup under the handles and snapped the other end around the pacifier clip.
 See how nice it hangs? YEAH!
I also love using pacifier clips to attach small toys to my son! That way when we are in a restaurant or store all his toys are not constantly hitting the disgusting ground! YEAH!

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  1. Cracking idea! We used to use dummy clips to keep the favourite toy from getting lost in much the same way.


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