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First Pregnancy and Second Pregnancy Differences

Starting at the Beginning: 
 First Pregnancy:
When I was pregnant with my first, I was so very sick. My Crohn's flared right near the beginning of the pregnancy and never fully healed. The morning sickness was more like all day sickness which started right on the 6 week mark. Eating was torture and for the first time in my life I was counting calories to make sure I was getting enough. (Wish I could have enjoyed that more then I did!)
   It wasn't all bad though, not by a long shot. The second trimester was almost completely Crohn's and morning sickness free. We went to Disney for our Baby Moon and I ate like I was eating for 2! I was so excited about this new baby. The unknown over looming us in the package of parenthood. The wonders about giving birth: what would it be like? I didn't have any idea what to expect with a newborn baby. I had only changed one diaper in my entire life. We were thrown in head first.
   Second Pregnancy:
On the 28th of September we got a positive pregnancy test! We had just decided to try for our second addition to the family and didn't have to wait long. (Thank goodness, I don't do waiting very well!) Our first little one is now 14 months old and I love the idea of them being so close together. I already can't wait for this baby to be here! I love him or her so much.
How My Early Second Pregnancy is Different from First:
 The Unknown:
   Where anxious anticipation of the unknown existed the first time around, confidence in the knowledge of what to expect exists now. I know what it is like to stay up with a one day old now. I know how to let the house go and nap while the newborn and myself get on a schedule. I know that I will be sleeping on the couch and not with my husband for the first couple of weeks. Knowledge and experience are comforting things. I know every baby is different and this one will most definitely throw me curve balls, but I feel ready and I like that.
  Belly Size:
     I've been told that my belly would grow much faster this time around. I'm only 7 weeks and already some of my pants do not fit. A lot of the early "belly growing" is most likely bloating (which I did not have the first time around). I was wearing my regular jeans up into my second trimester the first time around! But none the less this baby is making himself or herself known much sooner then the first.
   So Tired, So Early:
      I have noticed that I'm exhausted all of the time! So, tired in the morning, afternoon and evening! I could go to bed at 8 pm some days and sleep till 8 am. I think some of this may have to do with having a 14 month old in the house, where last time I had only myself to care for. When he takes his afternoon nap, as of late I usually nap also. This is just enough to get me to bedtime. : )
   Morning Sickness:
     I know every pregnancy is different for every woman. So, far I am a week past when my morning sickness started last pregnancy. YEAH! I have nauseousness in the morning and I think oh, no today is the day it is going to start. I get up and get on with my day and eventually it subsides and I nibble on something and take my pills. A couple of days it comes back in the evenings after dinner, but nothing compared to last time.
   Hot Flashes & Heart Burn:
     Last time I did not have hot flashes that I remember at all, and the heartburn did not become really bad until the middle of the second trimester. This time I already have occasional heartburn and the hot flashes are all the time! Oh, my! All of a sudden I am just burning up and then 5 minutes or so later it is gone! Nothing like a couple of hours of that to make one tired, moody and want a shower!
    Abdomen Muscle Tightening:
      This time around I've noticed much earlier muscle pains and tightening in the stomach. Nothing major or too uncomfortable, but I don't remember having that symptom this early last time around. I kind of like it, because it is a little reminder from my body to take it easy. You've got two little ones to take care of now.

I will keep adding to the above list of symptoms as I notice them in this 2nd pregnancy. 
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