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Review of Best Audio & Video Baby Monitors - Economical Quality

This video monitor can be bought on for 100 dollars. (as of 10/18/13) Here are the links to buy them on Amazon: Infant Optics DXR-5 and Add-On Camera DXR-871. You can add up to 3 extra cameras for a total of 4. This is one of the cheapest priced video monitors, but great quality. My husband searched reviews on Amazon and other sites before we bought this monitor. It received 1,783 reviews on Amazon for an average of a 4 star rating. The handheld's screen is great quality and is not given justice in the below video review. The screen on the handheld will be in color when the lights are on, but when it is dark in your child's room the screen will switch to black and white. This monitor has the option to switch on VOX also called Voice Activation Alert. This makes the handheld monitors screen turn off if there is no motion after 3 minutes. The screen will turn back on if there is any motion or noise or if you manually turn it back on.
This monitor also has an Auto Mute Option also called White Noise Eliminator. This makes the handheld mute if there is no significant noise in your child's room for 10 seconds. It will start relaying audio again if you child starts making noise. This is a really nice feature. Especially, if you have a white noise or soother in your child's room. So, you can sleep in peace and confidence that your child is comfortable and safe. The only downsides I can think to mention are that even though you can hook up 4 different cameras to this monitor and scroll through all 4 when ever you like, only one camera can be monitored. So, which ever camera you leave up on the handheld screen that is the one it will monitor for sound and motion. You can buy a cheap audio monitor if you need to listen to more then one room at a time.
This monitor can be bought  with the movement/breathing monitor pad that goes under the mattress on Amazon for 80 dollars or it can be bought without the breathing monitor pad for 50 dollars. Here are the links to both options on Amazon: Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor, or Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor AC420, The Movement & Sound Monitor received 279 reviews for an average of 4 1/2 stars. I have to give this monitor 5 stars myself. I have abused ours, dropped it and scrapped it up while working outdoors. It has put up with all this and still worked like a champ for the last 14 months. The audio is amazing and it also has an auto mute option like the video monitor above. The audio will mute after a minimal time when no significant noise is detected. This option like the above video monitor can be turned off & on. This monitor also tells you the temperature in your child's room. I love this feature so much!

Video Review of Infant Optics DXR-5 Below
Video Review of Angelcare Monitor AC401 Below

Pictures of the Infant Optics DXR-5 Below:
Black & White screen shot shown below
 Screen shot in color below
 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery in Handheld
 Camera hanging in child's room
 Below is pictures of the AngelCare Monitor:
This picture below is the unit that goes in the child's room
 Back of child's unit
 Night Light on Child's Unit
 Parent's Unit displaying temperature 

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