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Review of Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3105 - Steaming Floor Sanitizer

Above is the video review of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop, Model S3105.
Pros for this steam mop are that it has been really nice for long term cost savings. In comparison my Swiffer mop I would have to buy their soap and pad products quite often. I do miss the delicious smell my Swiffer would leave behind. Although once again to the credit of the Shark Steam Mop they do sell cleaners you can use with this item. The beauty is you just don't have to have them.
More Pros are this item sanitizes with very hot steam which makes you feel good about your little ones crawling around your kitchen and bathroom floors! 
The few downsides are minimal so far for me. Including that you should be careful not to let children or pets get near the mop head of this product while in use because it does get quite hot. Another downside I have come across is that the pads do seem like the velcro on them won't last very long. I've only washed them once and they are hard to velcro around the mop head. Although they stay on quite well without velcroing them at all. So, over the long run you may have to buy a couple extra replacement pads, but they still end up cheaper then buying disposable ones.
The last downside I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? But if I don't use all the water in the plastic tank and I try and dump it out, I can hardly ever get it all out. So, I leave the cap off so it has time to dry. I don't know if it would get stinky inside, but I didn't want to chance it.
Here is the link to the manual if you need it:
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