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Review and how to install the Safety 1st Outlet and AC Adapter Cover

 Above is the video review and installation guide for the Safety 1st Outlet and AC adapter cover
This product is to help Baby Proof your electrical outlets and plugs. In this video I show you this cover with numerous different adapter sizes so you can see what works and what doesn't! This cover extends to 8" long or goes to a compact size of 5" long. If a plug is wider then a regular outlet width then it will not work with this cover unfortunately, but if it is longer then a regular outlet length this cover will most likely work for you! This cover protects used outlets from babies pulling out plugged in items!
This is one of the only outlet covers I could find that works with larger plug ins that are so common with baby products like wipe warmers, soothers and baby monitor plugs and cords. I hope this helps you! Subscribe to Growing Little Ones on YouTube!!! THANKS!

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