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Review of 1997 Sesame Street Big Bird and Elmo Alphabet Toy

Above is a video review of the vintage 1997 Sesame Street Big Bird and Elmo Learn the Alphabet Toy. An Educational Toy from Mattel, Tyco Toys.
This toy is the most simplistic alphabet learning pad toy that I've come across. I bought it specifically for my young toddler. All of the newer alphabet pad toys have so many modes! It seemed they felt to justify charging you 30 or more dollars they had to have all these modes that do all the different things!
Well, that is great for an older child that can understand the concept of changing modes and listening to directions, but I was really looking for something for the 18-24 month range. I just wanted a fun toy that ONLY gave the name of the letter and no other options! I had to go back all the way to 1997 to find that toy.
This toy has no off switch and  no volume switch. It is loud and not as clear as newer toys, but I like it and it makes a nice addition to my son's educational toy collection : ) I love the large letters that are easy to identify. The toy is not overcrowded with useless features and I like it.
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