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Review of Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Musical Aquarium Soother

Above is the video review of the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonder Musical Aquarium Soother.

This soother is another Fisher Price Crib Soother that goes by the name Ocean Wonders Aquarium. This one is from 2005. It has a volume turn dial and a button to change through the songs or nature sounds. There are 5 songs and 2 nature sounds. One song starts off with bubble noises so it sounds like a nature sound but it turns into a song. There are 3 modes of play: Mode 1 is music only and it plays for 9 1/2 minutes. Mode 2 is music and lights and it plays for 12 1/2 minutes. Mode 3 is Music, lights and motion (There is a Seahorse with a baby, an octopus and 2 fish that swim around and around.) Mode 3 only plays for 5 1/2 minutes before shutting off automatically.
This is a really nice soother. Of all the other soothers I have owned and reviewed I love the song selections on this one the best! They are soothing, quite and very much like lullabies. They almost put me to sleep! The motion is very slow and calming. Nothing moves fast or loud on this soother.
Hope this helps you : )
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