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Review of Fisher Price See 'N Say Toy: The Farmer Says - 2003 Mattel

Above is a video review of the Fisher-Price See 'N Say Toy: The Farmer Says from Mattel 2003

This toy is really neat, but it is hard for little ones to pull the lever down. My son was not able to pull it down with much success until recently at about 21 months old. He still has trouble with it and occasionally he will get really mad and at it. 
Overall it is a cute, classic and fun toy but I wonder if it something he will still find interesting in a year or two. He likes it now, but he just has trouble with that lever. Hmm we will have to wait and see.
This toy has two flip pages with a total of 16 animals and a quiz slot and a music slot on both pages. I hope this helps you decide if you want to buy this toy! THANKS and subscribe to my youtube channel!

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