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Review of LeapFrog Leap's Phonics Pond Alphabet Pad Toy

Above is the full review on the modes in the LeapFrog Leap's Phonics Pond 
Above is the in depth look at the music mode and what songs are given to match with each letter of the alphabet as requested by a viewer.
I like this alphabet pad. It is not one of my favorites, but still has some good qualities to it.  One thing I don't like about it is that it only gives you the lower case letters of the alphabet. If you are only going to do one or the other I feel that the upper case just makes more sense, because that is what most kids learn first.
The First Mode is your traditional alphabet mode. The toy asks you to press a letter to hear it's name and when you press for example a it says "a".
The Second Mode is find a letter and it will ask you for example to "Find the letter J".
The Third Mode asks you to find a letter by it's sound. Example: Can you find the letter that says I as in ivy?
The Fourth Mode asks you to spell a word by giving you the letters you need to press. Example: It will say "Make the word TOP by pressing T,O,P".
The Fifth Mode asks you to press three letters to make your own word. So, you can press any three letters and the toy will sound it out and let you know if you made a word or not. This is a unique mode and one of my favorites on this toy.
The Sixth Mode is the music mode. When you press a letter it will play a tune that starts with that certain letter. Example Y plays Yankee Doodle, R plays Row, Row, Row Your Boat and the letters A,H,Q and W are 4 different parts of the Alphabet Song. A viewer discovered this as I was not able to discern myself what ditty was being played for those certain letters : ) The second video above shows each letter and the song being played for it. Some of them I still don't know. If you know them leave a comment and let me know!!! THANKS!

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