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Review of Light N Sound Phonics Alphabet Pad Toy

Above is my video review on the Light and Sound Phonics educational toy!
This is one of my favorite alphabet pad toys. It has 8 modes all which are in English (this is not the bilingual version)
The first mode is your classic alphabet mode. When you press a letter it lights up and gives you the name of the letter and the sounds it makes.
The second mode asks you to find a certain  letter. It will ask you to find "A" as in Ape etc.
The third mode asks you to find the "Mystery Letter". This mode encourages deductive reasoning. All the letters will light up and when you press one the toy will tell you whether the mystery letter is before or after that letter. Say I press Q and the toy says that the mystery letter is before Q then the letters R-Z lights will turn off and the letters A-Q will stay lit up. Next you are given the option to press another letter and so forth until you find the mystery letter.
The fourth mode asks you to find the first letter of a certain word. Example: Can you find the first letter of the word ape?
The fifth mode asks you to spell a work. Example: Can you spell the word PIG? Then as you press the correct letters they will light up until you have pressed P, I and G. I really like this spelling mode especially seeing as the letters stay lit up so at the end you can see that you pressed P, I and G. This is one of the modes that causes me to like this one more than the LeapFrog Leap's Phonics Pond.
The sixth mode is a number mode. Example: Can you press six keys? Then as you press each key or button it will count and light them up as you go. Now this mode is time sensitive and if you pause for too long in between pressing your six buttons it will think you are done and say you got it wrong.
The seventh mode is the color mode. Example: Press on one orange key. After you press any one orange key it will let you know you got it correct.
The eighth and last mode is a music mode and just says "Press a letter to hear a tune."
The three keys on the bottom are the same no matter which mode and are as follows: The first one reads off each letter one at a time A-Z. The second button when pressed will repeat what ever the last request the toy gave you, whether that is "Press an orange key or Press "A" as in Ape. The third key will give you a tune and light up random keys.
I hope this review helps you choose if you want to buy the Light & Sound Phonics Alphabet Pad Toy!
Educational toys are awesome tools to teach you little toddlers, preschoolers and older children while having fun! They don't even realize they are learning! YEAH!

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