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Review of the Fisher-Price Learning Vacuum (Helped My 2 year old over come fear of Vacuum)

Review of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Vacuum

    This vacuum is so awesome : ) My two year old loves pushing things he just can't get enough of it! So, when he saw this toy in our local consignment shop he fell in love and  I couldn't resist getting it for him! It has 3 modes an alphabet mode, a music mode and a vacuum mode. We love the vacuum mode because all it does is make a vacuum noise! So, it is just like he is vacuuming with mommy!
    My two year old has been scared of my dirt devil vacuum since as far back as I can remember. I always warn him that "Mommy is going to vacuum now," then he runs and climbs onto the couch with his toys and blue blankie and stays there till I'm done. It scares him to death. 
    Well, I bought this toy hoping against hope that maybe it could help him overcome his fear. It came time for me to vacuum. My son was already playing with his fisher price vacuum. So, I said "Mommy is going to vacuum now." He looked at me frozen in fear. I said, "I'm going to turn it on now."
    He stood so very still... waiting. I turned on the vacuum and he jumped and looked like he was about to cry when I said look you can vacuum too! I vacuumed and made funny noises and pointed at his vacuum. HE SMILED! Then he started to vacuum with me! He vacuumed with his little fisher price vacuum the whole time I did without one tear! He loved shoving his toy vacuum up under the couch (more like slamming it into the couch) just like mommy did. It was the most progress we have made on his vacuum fear in a long time! THANKS FISHER PRICE!!!!

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