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Top 10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old - From Growing Little Ones

Above is my video "Top 10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old." I've done a lot of Toy Reviews and I went through and tried to pick out 10 of my favorites. I thought that I would have to use old video footage and dub over it with new voice recordings for some of the toys we no longer had. It turns out though that the all the toys I ended up choosing we had kept... LOL I assume because I thought they were the BEST!

This list includes: 
The VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, 
VTech Crazy Legs Learning Bug Pull behind toy, 
VTech Record and Learn Photo Album, 
LeapFrog Phonics Radio & Learn & Groove First Words Radio, 
Fisher-Price Light Up Lion Stackable toy & Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack, 
Fisher Price Boppin Activity Bugs, 
Playskool Poppin Pals, 
Minnie Mouse Pop Up Surprise, 
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sing with Me CD Player, 
Fisher Price Flutterbye Day and Night Soother & Projector, 
Fisher Price Discover N' Grow Storybook Projection Soother, 
Disney's Cars 2 Play Hut and Tunnel Tent and 
Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Drawing Pad!

Now you may point out that this list is more than 10 toys, but for some of my choices I did not choose a specific toy. Instead I chose a genre of toys. Like the "Pop Up Toys" I love ALL pop up toys! Sure some are better than others, but in this video I gave you a short preview of 3 different kinds! So, you can choose! The projection soothers I just couldn't choose between the two in that category so I show you both so you can make the best decision on which one is right for your 1 year old. 
There are many many many many toys out there, but this is a list of the Best that we have come across. Hopefully it will help you with birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and just those every day I love you gifts for that little one in your life!

What toys do you consider best for a 1 year old? 

 VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker:
VTech Crazy Legs Learning Bug:
VTech Record and Learn Photo Album:
LeapFrog Phonics Alphabet Radio:
LeapFrog Learn & Groove First Words Radio:
Fisher-Price Light Up Lion Stackable toy & Rock a Stack:
Fisher-Price Boppin Bug Pop Up Toy:
Playskool Pop Up Poppin Pals:
Minnie Mouse Pop Up Surprise:
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn CD Player:
Fisher Price Flutterbye Day & Night Soother:
Fisher-Price Discover N Grow Storybook Projection Soother:
Cars 2 Play Hut, Tunnel & Ten:
Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Drawing Pad:

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