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Best Sesame Street and Elmo Toys!

This is a Growing Little Ones toy review video of the TOP 10 Best Sesame Street / Elmo Toys for kids! I give them to you in order of my least favorite to my most favorite which is the one I consider the BEST ELMO TOY for a 2 year old and up! Even yet the Best Elmo Toy Ever! Below is a list of the toys (in random order) that appear on this video and links to watch full reviews for that specific toy. THANKS! 


Sesame Street Let's Imagine Elmo (Elmo the Musical Toy):
(Individual Review to Come)

Elmo Live Toy 2007
(Individual Review to Come)

TMX Tickle Me Ernie:

Sesame Street Baby Sniffles Ernie
(Individual Review to Come)

Cookie Monster Letter of the Day Alphabet Cookie Jar:
(Individual Review to Come)

Let's Rock Elmo with Microphone, Drums and Tamborine:

Let's Rock Elmo Cookie Monster Keyboard Piano:

Let's Rock Elmo Guitar & Let's Rock Grover Microphone:
(Individual reviews to come)

Lullaby & Goodnight Elmo Soother Plush:
(Individual Review to Come)

Sesame Street Alphabet Bus (it's from 2000 sorry in the video I said 2006): 

Sesame Street My Peek a Boo Elmo Animated Toy:
(Individual Review to Come)

HERE are some pictures of the toys in this video :)
2000 Sesame Street Alphabet Bus
Let's Rock Elmo with Drums, Microphone and Tambourine 
TMX Tickle Me Ernie
Let's Rock Piano (INTERACTS W/ Let's Rock Elmo)
 My Peek a Boo Elmo
 Lullaby and Goodnight Elmo (Sings Brahms Lullaby)
 Let's Rock Cookie Monster Piano Keyboard, Let's Rock Elmo Guitar
and Let's Rock Grover Microphone
(do not get confused with the newest Super Grover Microphone)
and of course Let's Imagine Elmo from Elmo the Musical

THANKS TO WORDOLOGY for the plan of salvation video presentation that is at the end of my video! The Romans Road video at the end was originally made by and then I edited it to make it shorter and added the scripture text to the video : )



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