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B. H2-Whoa Drawing Board Toy Review - DRAW WITH WATER!

   This board is AWESOME! Your kids can DRAW WITH WATER which means you can
take it in the car, they can sit on the couch and there is only water! They have special water filled pens that are too neat! B. Toys are just such good quality I had to share this toy!
   We as a family have just fallen in love with B. Toys and this drawing board is no exception! My son adores it! It comes with four pens that you fill with water and for storage they snap into the edges of the drawing board! We have some Aquadoodle pens that we use on it too, but overall I like the B. Pens better. They don't leak as much and it's of course an added plus that they snap into the board! I love that this board has two sides so while you wait for one side to dry you can be doodling away on the other side which leads to endless fun!
   We bought this board for .49 at a thrift store! I was so excited to find it I was giddy! I searched and searched but the pens were just not at that thrift store. So, I came home and emailed the B. Company and they sent me 4 pens! They are an awesome company and we love their products!
   We took this board on a 4 hour car trip and my 2 1/2 year old had so much fun!

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