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Dinotrux Toys! Ty the T-Trux and Revvit the Reptool from DreamWorks and Netflix!

     DINOTRUX Toys!!! My 3 year old and I loved watching the DreamWorks animated series, Dinotrux, on Netflix! Even as an adult I found each episodes' story line entertaining with whit, humor and helpful things for kids including: How to deal with bullies, how to work together with others and much more. 
    All that and it doesn't even scratch the surface of the uniqueness and awesomeness of the fact that these animals are either half dinosaur and half construction truck, which gives you the Dinotrux, or they are half tool and half reptile, which gives you the tinier Reptools!
   I haven't even gotten in to the fact that the toys they are selling for this animated show are SO AWESOME! I was given the opportunity by Dreamworks to do a video of a few toys before they hit the shelves at Toys R Us next week! But if you think my review is biased because they gave me the toys let me add that that my 3 year old was so enthralled with the show and toys that after finishing we went online and ordered 130 dollars of more Dinotrux toys! We fully and truly love them!
   Back to the toys, so the Revvit toy is the main Reptool in the show and his toy's body is a drill! When you pull his tail the drill on his head spins and makes either whirring noises or a phrase from the show. You can remove one of the four drill bits, a phillips head, flat head, allen or drill bit from his back and place it in the drill on his forehead for the real feel of using a drill! On top of all that you can pull his tongue out and you get a 6 inch tape measure with noises and phrases!
   It isn't as often as one would like when something is so much better then you thought it would be. I'm really excited to say that this show and these toys greatly exceeded my expectations! 
Thanks for reading and be sure to watch the video review of these toys! Once the new Dinotrux toys come in I will be doing a video of them too!!!!!!!! We bought Dinotrux Mega Chompin' Ty RuxDinotrux GarbyDinotrux LP Hero Ton-Ton and Dinotrux LP Hero D-Structs. I can't wait to share them with you!

- Growing Little Ones

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