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LOTS of Dinotrux Toys! Mega Chompin' Ty Rux, D-Structs and More!

We love the Dinotrux toys! My 3 year old is enthralled with the Dinotrux episodes that have aired on Netflix. We have watched the first season 2 or 3 times already! The toys are inventive, unique and loads of fun! In this review video I show you all of our Dinotrux toys including Mega Chompin Ty Rux which is the BIGGEST of the Dinotrux toys and totally awesome! I also show you the D-Structs and Ton Ton Pull Back Racer, Revvit the Reptool, Garby who eats rocks and a scraptadactyl! They don't have any Dozer or Skya toys on the Toys R Us website yet but I hope to see some soon! I hope this video helps you out! ENJOY and Subscribe for more!
-Growing Little Ones

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