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LOTS of Disney Zootopia Toys!!!

    I'm so excited about having MORE Zooptopia Toys to share with you! The Judy Hopps Police Cruiser Playset has a secret jail cell, it's headlights light up and it is SOOO AWESOME! LOL it kind of reminds me of the bat mobile inside! We also have the Zootopia Mr Ottertons Capture Van Playset and Pose-able Figurines! The Police Cruiser comes with Judy Hopps and a small mouse criminal. The Otttertons Capture Van comes with the Big Bad Wolf character and the Mr Otterton figure. We had a couple issues with the doors falling off as we played with them, but they snapped right back on and it was no big deal. Overall these toys are pretty cool!
     You can be like Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia and use the Carrot Recorder Pen to record your voice and write down clues from the case your on! PLUS it has a bunch of cool phrases and quotes from the Zootopia Movie! This toy can be a little glitchy when recording your voice but whether your tracking down Nick Wilde and his side kick Finnick or tracking down the Otterton Kidnappers this is still a pretty cool gadget to have at your side! (The quotes on the pen are: Nicholas Wilde you are under arrest, Anyone can be anything, Divided we are animals Together we are Zootopia!, Officer Judy Hopps reporting for duty, Officer Hopps I am in pursuit!, Rabbits from the burrows do not get stepped on they STEP UP!, I'm officer Hopps ZPD, Toot Toot!, Lets show them what a bunny from the burrows can do, It's called a hustle sweet heart, Stop in the name of the law)

     Introduction to Zootopia Characters! Get to know them with the Disney Zootopia Deluxe Figurine Playset toys in this video! Which includes Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Mayor Lionheart, Finnick dressed as an Elephant, Mr. Big the Shrew, Judy Hopps as a child, Bellwether, Flash the sloth who works at the DMV, Yax the Yak and Officer Clawhauser! I hope you Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!:

     This is the Disney Zootopia Art Kit Set from the Disney Store! It comes with markers, water paints, a stamp, magnets and an art book! It features Nick Wilde and Finnick being chased by Judy Hopps on the front cover! And at the end of this video I have 3 Play Doh Surprise Eggs with Zootopia Figurines inside!!! I hope you Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!:

     I'm so excited ZOOTOPIA TOYS and BOOKS are FINALLY HERE!!!!!! Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde join forces in the book that I read aloud in this video! I've really enjoyed watching each Zootopia trailer and I can't wait to see the movie! I love play a sound books and this one was no exception! I hope you Enjoy it too and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!

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