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How To Toddler Proof Wooden Thomas the Train Tracks on Table with NO Glue or Nails! LIFE SAVER!!!

Don't ruin your train table with glue or nails! watch this video on How To Make a Toddler Proof Train Table with Thomas the train Wooden Railway Tracks, 3M Strips, Silly Putty Poster Tack & SureTracks and most importantly without using any glue or nails! This works with Kidcraft, Melissa and Doug, Brio tracks and more! Finally a way to get the tracks stuck in place without ruining our table and expensive track pieces!

When we got our kidcraft train table I was so discouraged by how easily the hard made set up could be torn to pieces and strewn across the room. It would take me an hour or more to carefully put together a fun layout and in minutes it could be destroyed! I thought about buying a cheap track set to glue down. I thought maybe I could use super glue or double sided tape? I even considered nailing down each track piece or screwing them into the table, but it was even more heart wrenching to think that the table and the Thomas the train wooden railway track pieces we had bought would be ruined.
     So I went to the store and hunted up everything sticky I could find hoping to hit a home run and I DID! With a combination of 3M Command Hanging Strips, SureTrack Clips and Poster Tack (In the video I call it silly tack, sorry that is what I grew up calling it) We were able to get the entire train table TODDLER PROOF! It is stuck down but removable! I could go out buy all new 3M strips and redo the train track set up anytime I want! IT IS SO WONERFUL!
     The only time we had trouble with the track pieces coming loose was when are heater went out in the dead of winter and it was so cold the 3M stopped holding and all the train tracks came loose, but short of a heating or cooling disaster this set up has stuck with it! This set up will works Brio, Kidcraft, Thomas the Train and many others!
     I hope this helps you and your little ones have tons more fun with your train table! (Links Below)

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