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LOTS of Paw Patrol Toys! Paw Patrol All Star Pups Toys Plus MORE to come!

     Paw Patrol ALL STAR PUPS and All Stars vehicle toys with the Paw Patroller Bus, Air Patroller Plane and sliding down the Look Out Tower playset slide! We have the All Stars Pups Action Pack Dogs: Chase with his All Stars Cruiser, Marshall and his Firetruck, Zuma and his Hovercraft, Rubble and his Bulldozer, Rocky and his Recycling Truck and Skye with her Copter! Plus Robo Dog, Ryder and Everest! SOON we will be doing a video of the Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue Trouble Vehicles and the Paw Patrol Super Heroes Pups Action Toys! Watch for those videos! I hope you ENJOY this Growing Little Ones for Jesus toy review video and be sure to SUBSCRIBE by clicking this link!:
     Marshall won't change from his Paw Patrol ALL STARS PUPS clothes! But Skye makes him brush his teeth, take a bath and get ready for bed in this funny stop motion toys video for kids! This makes a great Bedtime Routine video for kids to watch as they start getting themselves ready for bed!
     Paw Patrol ALL STARS PUPS and all of their vehicle toys! These toys were just released TODAY exclusively at Target! I was so excited to get these Paw Patrol Toys in the mail and then do an unboxing video with you!
     WATCH Marshall magically turn into a Shopkin, Peter Pan, Lightning Mcqueen and Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee! Funny Toy Videos for Kids with the Paw Patrol toys Magic Magic Pup House Playset, Skye, Zuma and the Marshall Fire Fighting Firetruck!
     Go on a rescue mission with Ryder and the pups with your very own ATV just like Ryders ATV four wheeler! The Vtech Steering Wheel Pups to the Rescue Driver toy features Ryder, Zuma, Rubble, Chase, Skye, Marshall and Rocky!
     Paw Patrol in On a Roll with the Paw Patroller from Nickelodeon toys! We show you how to fit all your Paw Patrol characters and there pup car vehicles into the bus! We have Ryder and his ATV, Zooma, Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Everest, Sky and Robo Dog!

     Airplane toys are awesome but an airplane that transforms into a helicopter that is really something else! Plus on top of all that it's not just any airplane toy this is one of the great Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toys! The Paw Patrol Air Patroller airplane with Robo Dog, Ryder Zooma, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky and Skye Toys!

    Look Out Tower and all the Paw Patrol Vehicle Toys! Ryder with his ATV, Zooma, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye with her Helicopter! My toddlers love the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol episodes and we watch the videos all of the time! 
     We love Paw Patrol Toys and I am so excited to start sharing our collection with you! This video has the Paw Patrol On A Roll Marshall Fire Fighting Truck and the My Paw Patrol Pals Marshall Plush! 

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