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Bbuddieez Collectible Wearable Series 1 Characters! Blind Packs, Storage Cafe Case and Bracelets!

     Bbuddieez Collectible Series 1 Characters! You can wear them on your shoes, backpack, cup or Bbuddieez bracelet! Check out their website: Now Available at Target, KMart, Amazon and a local toy store near you. Brought to you by Jupiter Creations:  In this toy review video we have 3 Blind Packs, the Storage Cafe Case and 2 bracelet bands! I know you will fall in love with Blaberry, Beefy, 3D, Sparky, Siu Bo, General Marcus, King VI, Count Batula, Panda Painta, Tulipsy and all of the other little Bbuddieez just as fast as we did! I hope you ENJOY this Growing Little Ones for Jesus toy review video and be sure to SUBSCRIBE by clicking this link!:

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